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How to make the room sound insulation

How to make a soundproof room

Every owner wants his house was a kingdom of peace, quiet and comfort.

But this is not easy, especially in large-panel high-rise building where the noise is coming from everywhere.

He pursues us throughout life and everywhere.

Houses can protect itself from it, if you do a competent sound insulation. This is a very labor-intensive business that requires endurance and patience.

But it's worth it, because the neighbors also hear very well what's going on in your apartment, and sound saves from unnecessary ears.



Decide what money youhave. Calculate how much it will cost you about the creation of "islands of peace", make a rough list of required materials you need for this. Decide what you will isolate the walls, the ceiling or the room completely.


Start with insulation on the floor. Locate and prokonopatte all cracks around the perimeter and in places plate joints. The best filler such openings will be rock wool, or any other sound-insulating material.


Set on the floor joists in the form of cells, in whichLay insulation boards. On top lay a chipboard and lay a carpet. Now, through the floor noises will not pass. Or pour the concrete floor through which the sound is not exactly pass.


Walls are isolated in a similar way, but theirpreviously you need to prepare by removing all defects. Mount the frame of metal or wooden profiles which fasten drywall. The space between the profile and the wall lay a layer of mineral wool.

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For the upper part of the room is bestuse a suspended ceiling. He, unlike the suspension will not amplify the noise from the neighbors who live on the floor above. Attach to the main ceiling glass plates, and then hang suspended ceilings, which in themselves are well absorb noise.

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