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How to make the room lighter

How to make the room lighter

Bright room look much more spacious. If the room windows overlooking the sunny side, it turns lively, colorful interior.

But not everyone is lucky enough to live in an apartment, whose windows are located on the sunny side, how can visually make the room lighter?

Beautifully decorated window - a good solution. But when the light is low, it is better to give the window an opportunity to transmit light. Owners of apartments north do not use curtains and blinds even more. For those who want to avoid such a solution, we offer heavy and thick curtains to replace the light, transparent tulle or organza radiant.

Make the room more light and help of the mirror. They help extend the close room. In the correct position the mirror to spread the light throughout the room light and fill the deficit. Of course, it is desirable that it was a large mirror. In other cases, we recommend to use furniture with a reflective surface and glass decorations.

Bright and dark colors can turn intoroom problem. This is due to the fact that the dark colored flat narrow space that is in low light repeatedly vigorously. And even the classic combination of "red plus black" will look in a darkened room gloomy.

To lighten the rooms we recommend to choosepastel colors that will complement to each other. As it is impossible by the way will be shades of pale blue, champagne, light mint, pale pink, coral, lavender or pale lemon.

More successful reception to make the room morebright, they make the room white cube just do not come up with! We note that for rooms with a good repair to do something with the ceiling is inefficient and not economical. If the room you want to repair, then it is a logical step will be painting the walls, floor and ceiling white, but do not overdo it - you do not want the room looked like a sterile hospital.

If you decide to paint the room in white color,do not forget to use colorful décor and bright colors. For example, if the wall is white, then the windows hang curtains light bright, noticeable sofa set, which will be allocated on a light background.

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