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How to make the right pedicure at home

How to make the right pedicure at home

Over the years to maintain its beauty is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive. For example, a pedicure is not a cheap procedure.

But it's easy to make yourself.



Starting any business need with a clean slate. Therefore, if the nails are preserved remains of the past pedicure, they should be removed. Use the nail polish remover and cotton pads.


Then you need to steam the skin of the feet. In a large bowl, pour warm water, add a few drops of essential oil of lavender or peppermint. Lower the legs for 10-15 minutes in water This will help refresh and relax the feet.


Pedicure at home - it is a fullfoot care. Therefore, when the feet are dry, they need to make a soft and beautiful. To do this, you need to get rid of hard skin on the feet using pumice. Pay special attention to heels.


Now you can go to the nails. Give your nails a beautiful shape with scissors and nail files. The most optimal form of the nail, in terms of health, it square without rounded ends. This shape does not allow nails to grow into the skin.


Next is the fun part. Spread foot nourishing cream for legs and wear cotton socks. For better wetting put legs on a hot water bottle and relax for 20-30 minutes.


We proceed to the final stage. Once treated liquid nail polish remover to get rid of the remnants of the cream. Then apply on your nails a base coat, let it dry thoroughly. Now you can paint your nails in your favorite color.

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