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How to make the right manicure at home

How to make the right manicure at home

Beautiful and well-groomed nails - this is an indispensable attribute of modern women who care about their beauty. After visiting the nail salon nails get the perfect shape and look great.

Make the right manicure at home and can be on their own, enough to stock up on the necessary tools for this.

You will need

  • - Curling circumcision nogtey-
  • - For a small bowl of steaming nails and skin-
  • - Wooden spatula or stick for moving away kutikuly-
  • - Manicure scissors with rounded lezviem-
  • - Forceps, manicure pliers (to remove the skin) -
  • - Nail file with an abrasive to create a form nogtya-
  • - Soft nail file shlifovaniya-
  • - Scrub ruk-
  • - cuticle oil-
  • - hand cream-
  • - Hydrogen peroxide for the treatment of wounds.



Take the tweezers for cutting nails with a nail file andabrasive and using them gives nails the desired length and create the desired shape. Move with a wooden spatula or chopsticks orange skin near the base of the nail. Apply at the base of the nail cuticle cream.


Fill a bowl with warm water, foam. Dip hands in a bowl for 15 minutes. Deal with steamed cuticle: trim the excess, remove the skin around the nail.


Treat your nails with a soft nail file, giving them a final shape. Apply scrub on your hands and do with the help of massage brushes. Rinse the scrub. On the hands, apply a nourishing cream.


Treat the base of the nail to the cuticle oil. Leave it for a short time (no more than 20 minutes) and rinse.


To make the right manicure at home conditions of, You need to properly apply varnish. To do this, first to apply on the basis of nails. It will strengthen the interaction nail polish nails and additionally protect from the harmful effects. Thanks based paint will last longer on your nails.


Take the paint and the brush on the center of the naila movement upwards. Apply the varnish on the contour of the cuticle, in any case, not painting over it. Apply the varnish on the side of the nail straight movements from the bottom up.


Be sure to apply paint in two layers, the first layer as the only sets the tone, and the second adds color depth and hides mistakes. Finally, apply nail polish on the nails fixative lacquer.

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