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How to make a pump


How to make a pump</a>

If you have a dacha standing on the shore of a lake, pond or river, this makes the question of watering your garden much easier. But daily walking with buckets to the river is not very convenient.

Make yourself a thermal or wave pump, and the water in your garden will come by itself.



First, let's talk about a heat pump and howIt can be done. There are no rotating and moving parts in it. Such a pump operates from atmospheric pressure. We will make such a pump ourselves. We install a large metal barrel on the stand-tripod. At the bottom of the barrel we need to solder the tap so that when pouring in a barrel of 1.5 liters or less, water does not flow out of the tap.


On the side of the barrel we need to drill a holethirty ? 40 mm in diameter. To this hole, we weld a suitable diameter fitting, which we put on the hose of strong and dense rubber. At the other end of the hose, you now need to put on a filter, which will then fall into a shallow well or a pond. The tightness of all pump connections is mandatory.


Now about how the heat pump will work. Pour into the barrel with a closed drain cock 1.5 liters of water. We light a fire under the barrel. During the boiling of water, steam will flow, which will displace the air from the barrel through the hose. A hose at this time should be the end in the water. When the air bubbles from the hose stop coming out, we put out a fire. The steam will quickly condense inside the barrel and the pressure will drop. Water will enter our barrel, pushed there by atmospheric pressure. Only 20 minutes of waiting? And water in the barrel is about 120 liters.


The wave pump. We will fill the bottom of the pond with four pegs and install the log. We will ensure that the pegs are right in its crevices. Install the cross bars, which will limit the movement of our logs down and up. Otherwise, the log will be washed away by the first serious wave. We will place on the boards a pump (a small mechanical pump can be bought at any hardware store). The system of the rods of our pump will allow the log to rotate slightly around its longitudinal axis.


A wave that will run into ourThe construction will lift the log and pass through the rods of movement directly to the pump piston. The pump will be pumped with water. The outgoing wave will lower the log, and the pump will suck the water.


You can take logs of spruce. The optimal weight for a log will be 50? 80 kg. Impregnate it on 3 times? 4 heated mixture of natural varnish and kerosene in equal proportions. Saws on the log, too, do not forget to permeate. It's all.

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