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How to make the program on top of all windows

How to make the program on top of all windows

For ease of use the application in Windows it is possible to install the windows of one program over the other.

This can be done both by the system functions and special tools.



Examine the settings for any applications you need. They may be present item "Run on top of other windows" that need to be activated. But while there are such programs, the priority of which can not be set by the system, and require the use of special applications.


Take advantage of one of several convenient andFree programs such DeskPins. This application is suitable for all versions of Windows. Its only drawback is the English-language interface.


Launch the program after installation andclick on its icon in the taskbar, the left mouse button. After that, the cursor changes to a small stud. Aim them at your desired window and set it on top of the other. Another click on the icon in the system tray takes hold. Also activate the mode of operation of all windows can be a combination of Ctrl + F12.


Set alternatively anotherpopular free program called OnTOP. Unlike DeskPins it allows mounting only one window on top. At the same time it is completely in Russian.


Run the program and add a speciala list of the applications that run at startup should be on top of other windows. As a result, if OnTOP be running any of the added applications in its list will automatically be on top of other. You can also use the additional parameters. For example, when you click on the "Advanced" button, you can resize the window, indicating the appropriate length and width.


Also try to change the location of the window,putting a tick in the appropriate place. In addition, you can set the transparency of windows, which make them look nicer and at the same time allows you to see what applications are running in the background.

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