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How to create a program

How to make a program

As for sports, the person faceswith completely natural problem: it is impossible to distribute the load properly. To fix it, you need to create a program that would take into account certain nuances, and most importantly - the goal of training.

How to make it, read on.



Try to determine what exactly for yourselfyou want or expect from the training. The options can be quite a lot. Among them the most popular: to lose weight, gain muscle mass, increase its power rates. Program should be such that all of this into account, because it will affect the target and the intensity distribution of loads as well as the amount of training.


Identify the groups of muscles that you would like to train. If you do not, then most likely, you will load the entire body, which will eventually lead to undesirable consequences.


Calculate the training schedule to make up the program. Determine the days that you exercise, and how to fully relax.


Do not expose yourself to serious physicalstress, if you feel not very good, or just tired at work. Overloading the body it is not recommended. training schedule does not necessarily make one of those reasons, that they should regularly take place at the same time. Can be varied.


For example, if you turned out to be the weekoff, and you feel that the muscles have recovered, then conduct training on this day. If you missed the first, do not try to catch up at the next training session. It may also not very favorable impact on the body.


Set the duration of the training on the basis of their own health. If you feel tired, you can stop, even if the program is not done today with a clear conscience.


Distribute the load on the muscles by day. For example, if you have trained on Monday pectoral muscles and back muscles, the environment pay more attention to the muscles of the legs. During intense exercise it is very important to eat well, so that the body had plenty of "fuel." Also important is a good sleep.

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