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How to Make Perfect Press

How to make the perfect press

Every girl dreams of the perfect figure, including a beautiful delicate tummy. Young girls without any stress and in a short time, trim the waist.

And if a woman has given birth to rebёnochka (or two), and folds of fat made invisible flat stomach, how did it make perfect cubes press?

What are some simple exercises for this suit?



Immediately note: all abdominal exercises are the same for everyone, even if you are after birth, and to restore the waist is very difficult. But! You can also create a more refined shape, albeit unlikely but soft and elastic. It does not matter how old you are - age does not matter!


So what exercises are suitable for you? No need to re-invent the wheel - a series of basic exercises for press long used in different kinds of sports, especially in bodybuilding.


For a start it is recommended to do a little warm-up or short run (a run is not necessary), so that the muscles warmed up and were in full combat readiness.


First, it is best to do the exercises on "weight" with a small load and a large number of approaches (12 - 15 repetitions to 4 sets). The rise of the trunk is used for the top of the pressAnd lift the legs - to the bottom (no loadrequired). Do not pay attention to the fact that for the first time, the folds will not disappear, but will be more muscle mass - with its help fat disappear in a short time. Exercises without much effort will make a special bench press. The load drive can be used from the rod, the weight is less than 2 kg.


Going to ground:
- Lying on the bench, lift the torso, hands reaching out to bend the knees - 4 exercises 15 times
- In the same position, lift the legs up - 4 exercise 20 times.
- While standing, holding a dumbbell (. 2-3 kg), do side bends - 4 exercises for 12 slopes on each side. This exercise works the muscles on the side press.


Classes in relief:
- Lying on the bench, lift the torso, hands reaching out to bend the knees - 4 exercise 30 times.
- The slow rise of 4 feet exercises 30 times.
- As to ground, will only take 5 kg dumbbell. - 4 exercises for 30 slopes on each side.


The first month of exercise on weight perform 2once a week, to the relief - 1 times. The second month of the opposite: 2 lessons a week on relief and 1 - to ground. If such a system will seem difficult, you can practice on your own, but at least three times a week.


Do not rush immediately to obtain positiveresults, it is necessary to persevere to the goal, and your waist will be just perfect in six weeks! Believe me, a lot of women dropped to 30 kg! And do not worry, your abs will never be like a "horror" masculine "beauties" who swallow handfuls of pills. By performing simple exercises, you will achieve good physical shape and very feminine shape and elastic.

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