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How to make a perfect make-up

How to make a perfect make-up

Perfect make-up - this is the make-up,which corrects all the imperfections of the skin, emphasizes your natural dignity and look at this course in any light, giving the charm and confidence.

You will need

  • - Low-fat cream base
  • - Foundation-
  • - pudra-
  • - rumyana-
  • - mascara-
  • - lip gloss-
  • - eyebrow pencil.



To make the evenness of skin texture initially apply a low-fat cream base, remove the excess tissue.


Apply foundation on behalf of the center. Especially gently blend in the hairline and the chin. Tone cream, choose a light and transparent, with a texture that is suitable for your skin type.


Wait to foundation absorbed, brush apply on face powder. Surplus shake clean brush. If you use a compact powder, then rub it lightly.


Now you can apply blush. Creamy apply as small spots, then thoroughly blend with your fingers or a sponge. Dry Apply blush with a brush in several stages, shake off the excess with a brush clean.


In order to make a perfect makeup, Play a bit with the tone of rouge and powder. Narrow round face, causing a blush on the cheeks as a triangle and using the powder of a darker color for the cheeks. The square shape of the face soften, smoked mandible edge darker powder and rouge line is slightly stretched towards the temples. The upper part of the face trim using dark powder on the temples and cheekbones. Blusher put on more visible in the form of a rhombus. Elongated face correct, darkening powdered chin and forehead hairline, and blush, apply a horizontal line in the middle of the cheeks.


Color ink lashes, but do not apply more than two layers, otherwise your eyes will look "heavy". Eyebrows slightly move the black pencil.


On the lip gloss is better to apply a transparent pink or flesh-colored. Now perfect makeup per day prepared.

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