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How to make perfect make-up


How to make perfect make-up</a>

The perfect make-up is that makeup,Which corrects all the skin imperfections, emphasizes your natural dignity and looks at the same time naturally in any lighting, giving charm and confidence.

You will need

  • - Low-fat base cream-
  • - Foundation-
  • - powder-
  • - rouge-
  • - mascara-
  • - lip gloss-
  • - eyebrow pencil.



To give evenness to the texture of the skin, first apply a low-fat base cream, remove the excess with a napkin.


Apply a foundation from the center of the face. Especially gently shave at the hair line and in the chin area. Choose a light cream and transparent, with a texture suitable for your skin type.


Wait for the foundation to soak, apply a powder on the face with a brush. Shake out excessively with a clean brush. If you use a compact powder, then rub it lightly.


Now you can apply blush. Cream-shaped apply in the form of small specks, then carefully shake with fingers or a sponge. Dry the blush with a brush in a few tricks, shake off excess with a clean brush.


In order to make the perfect makeup, Play a little with a tone of blush and powder. Round your face, apply a blush on the cheekbones in the form of a triangle and use a powder of a darker color for the cheek area. The square face shape soften, tinting the edges of the lower jaw with a darker powder, and the line of blush slightly stretching to the temples. The upper part of the face is balanced with a dark powder on the temples and cheekbones. Blush on a more visible in the shape of a diamond. Elongated face correct, darkening the powder chin and forehead at the roots of hair, and blush apply a horizontal line in the middle of the cheeks.


Color mascara eyelashes, but do not apply more than two layers, otherwise your look will look "heavy". Eyebrows slightly bring a black pencil.


On the lips it is better to apply a transparent shine of pink or flesh color. Now perfect makeup For every day is ready.

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