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How to make a backgammon yourself


How to make a backgammon yourself</a>

Backgammon? An ancient game that is popular among the people among the most diverse layers of the population, despite their considerable age? The history of the game is several centuries old.

Today qualitatively made original backgammonAre an expensive and valuable gift, and with good skills in working with wood, you can easily make your own carved backgammon to eventually get an exclusive set made by yourself.



For the manufacture of backgammon, use valuable solidBreeds of wood? For example, oak. Find a reliable supplier of quality and preserved oak boards, and buy planks 5 cm thick. Buying not dried boards, you take responsibility for their further preparation for processing.


Dry the boards in the drying chamber, if you have it, if not? Buy already dried boards from companies that have their own drying equipment.


Saw the boards into thin boards, from which you will later collect a flat shield that will become a playing field. Separately, build thin thin boards that will become a backgammon frame.


On the exterior wooden field, the carved pattern will look beautiful. If you have the skills of wood carving, you can make your backgammon even more unique by creating a thread from the thread by hand.


If you have access to a special milling machine? Thread it with it. Unlike manual work, the machine helps to create many identical elements of the pattern.


After the frame and the playing fields areReady, cover them with protective impregnations, tint and varnish. Then walk on all the wooden surfaces of the backgammon with a grinding machine and again varnish.


Collect the backgammon and leave them lying onA few days to the board? to each other. After some time, finalize the backgammon? Cover the playing field with the necessary paints, finish the grinding, varnishing and toning.


After the last lacquering, wait a fewDays, so that the varnish is completely absorbed into the tree and dried out. Put the chips and backgammon inside the boxes with backgammon, and the game can be given or used for its intended purpose.

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