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Heat gun

Heat gun - a heating device, but byOrdinary heating elements it is distinguished by the fact that it is not only warm, but also blows hot air into the space surrounding it. Heat guns are divided into several types, there is a diesel guns running on diesel fuel, gas, electric, etc.

Despite the variety of models, all of them are designed to generate heat.

With some improvised electric heat gun can be made with your own hands.

You will need

  • Asbestos-cement pipe, spiral on the tile, the electric motor, the rheostat.



Remove the coil from any unnecessaryheater (stove, iron, etc.). Then, cut the spiral pliers biting off a little more than a quarter of its length (shortening of the spiral will lead to loss of the resistance, and hence the current flowing through it will increase, it will heat up more strongly).


Next, take a section of asbestos cement pipes. Inside her wrap this spiral, recording in several places. On one side of the pipe, leave little room for the fan, not domatyvayte spiral to the end. To connect the wire spiral conclusions for inclusion in the network. In its turn the chain series resistor to adjust the intensity.


Thereafter, the electric motor and the grabput on his propeller shaft, it should rotate freely in the tube - the fan is ready. Connect the fan to the pipe, firmly cementing them together. Power coils and fan power is done separately. When using this device, air is blown by fans will be heated passing through the fiery spiral.

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