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HOW to make a bird feeder to feeder

How to make the most feeder feeder

To make a bird feeder to feeder, first decide what you will use to its weighting.

Mostly used for this lead.

And it can be smelt or use self-adhesive weights for balancing discs. The second option is easier - on weights already specified weight.

And if the lead cast, you will need a small wooden billet casting of lead strips.

You will need

  • In addition to lead, you will need a plastic bottle of 1.5 liter, stapler stationery, ordinary scissors, a ruler, a piece of solid wire, a soldering iron, as well as felt-tip pen.



If you have decided to melt lead, take care of the exhaust air, as well as safety for the eyes and skin, as the molten lead can be sprayed.


As with the wood? Take any board and choose a chisel suitable for casting lead groove. The length and width of select in its sole discretion, however, the optimal length is 15 cm, width - 10 cm depth - 2-3 mm. Why choose it a tree? Yes, because when casting lead in a workpiece he never sprayed and fairly easily removed from it.

how to make a bird feeder


Low tide stripe, weigh it and determine what itweight is placed on the width of each centimeter of plate surface. And now, according to its weight, cut the plate into strips 10 cm long. You can mark as you like, because the lead is soft enough. Simply stake the little or incised figure. If the plate has turned out too thick, simply flatten it with a hammer.

how to make a bird feeder from a wire feeder


Now take a plastic bottle, cut off from theher in the middle of a wide strip and mark it on a narrow band for the procurement of the foundations of your feeders. Displace the strip rings and seals combined stapled edge. Twist the wire loop and apply a lead plate on the workpiece, on the one hand fixing.

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Now burn or pierce a soldering ironpunch holes at the base of the trough. If you are using a soldering iron, to smooth finger burning place. Irregularities at the same indentation are inside, so food will stay tight.

how to make a bird feeder for tits


This feeder has good buoyancy that helps it cling to the edge to avoid and quickly raise the fish to the surface of the water.

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