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How to make the most of the leather bracelets

How to make the most of the leather bracelets

Bracelet of leather under the force of weave even a child, and looks like a very noble decoration and a grown-up.

Depending on the size of the bracelet, its colors and shapes, it can be worn on the wrist and above the elbow, and some are decorated in this way, even the ankles.

You will need

  • - Thick leather laces plaiting
  • - 2 thin leather lace for tying



Buckle at the leather strap can be anything - from the thin straps of skin to silver jewelry carbine. The easiest way to make a bracelet with strings.


Take 3 or 6 thick leather laces. Their amount depends on the thickness of the future bracelet.


Connect the ends of the laces on one side,wrap them tightly with a thin cord, tie a strong knot. One end of the thin cord is better to skip, so that he was hidden in a common bundle, it will help the bracelet look neater.


Begin to weave laces as usual braid. Make of these three strands, apply the right strand to the middle, and then to a lock, which became the medium, place the left strand and braid so long until you get the basis for the band of the desired length.


Trim the ends of the laces, so that they become alength. Similarly, as in the beginning, the other end of the bracelet tie thin cord. Cut thin laces, so they were not too long, bind them together - a bracelet ready.

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