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How to make bracelets from leather


How to make bracelets from leather</a>

A bracelet made of leather can even weave a child, but such an ornament looks very noble and in an adult way.

Depending on the size of the bracelet, its color and shape, it can be worn both on the wrist and above the elbow, and some decorate even the ankles.

You will need

  • - thick leather laces for weaving
  • - 2 thin leather laces for tying



The clasp at the leather bracelet can be anything - from a thin string of Leather To the silver jeweler's carbine. The easiest way to make a bracelet with a string.


Take 3 or 6 thick leather laces. The thickness of the future bracelet depends on their number.


Connect the ends of the laces from one side,Wrap them tightly with a thin cord, tie a strong knot. One of the ends of a thin cord is better to pass so that it was hidden in a common bunch, this will help the bracelet look more accurate.


Begin to weave the shoelaces like an ordinary pigtail. Make three strands of them, put the right strand on the middle strand, then put a left strand on the strand that has become middle, and weave so long until you get the base for the bracelet of the desired length.


Trim the ends of the laces to make them oneLength. In the same way, as in the beginning of the work, tie the second end of the bracelet with a thin cord. Trim the thin laces so that they are not too long, tie them together - the bracelet is ready.

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