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How to make the most aromalampu

How to make the most aromalampu

Oil burner made with good humor and love, give a few unforgettable hours of pleasure in an atmosphere of comfort and enchanting scents of incense.

You do not have to buy it in the store, because you can very easily make a lamp yourself.

You will need

  • Candle, pillar candle, aromatic oil



Use as in any of the base cupceramic, porcelain or glass support for candles: deep bowl, flat glass or saucer. It all depends on your imagination. In order to avoid overheating of the mixture, the cup-support should be removed from the bowl for oil by 10 cm. Otherwise, the heating temperature is not enough to vaporize the oil, which leaves behind a pleasant scent. The optimum temperature of 50-60 degrees can be considered.


Rely in choosing the bowl of oil onexpected life of the oil burner. For a short session fit and bowl 50 ml. Preference is better to give a capacity of ceramics, glass or porcelain. Remember that burning candles can not do without oxygen. Therefore, the construction, which involves placing a sealed candlestick cup butter, ineffective. The best option is a bowl-support with holes or fastening elements oil burner on the frame, in which the bottom of the upper bowl will not touch the edges of the bottom.


Make the frame. He will serve as the delimiter between the cup-support and a heated bowl. Fabricate it from any refractory material that retains its shape when heated. Take care about caring for oil burner to be comfortable and easy to put her in hygienic processing. To do this, secure the top bowl so that it can be easily removed. Decorate aromalampu decorative elements.

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