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How to make measurements for a window


How to make measurements for a window</a>

Many people make window measurements themselves.

To do this, you first need to properly prepare the window.

It is also necessary to take into account all the rules that concern the measurement of the window. In order to accurately determine the size of the future plastic window, make measurements of the window opening.

Metering should be done both inside the apartment and outside, that is, from the street.



First you need to determine the size of the windowOpening - height and width. Inside the apartment along the windowsill we are engaged in measuring the distance between the slopes. This will be the width. The result is best recorded somewhere. Next, we are measuring the width along the upper slope. In the end, you can determine if there are any distortions. Inside the apartment along one slope vertically measure the distance from the upper slope to the window sill. This will be the height. Ideally, all dimensions must match. If the match does not occur, then this design is skewed.


Further we proceed similarly Measurements From the side of the street. All the results must necessarily be compared. The comparison will help you detect a possible mechanical error, as well as help to clearly identify the necessary layer of plaster for internal slopes. This data is best provided to the company that will install the plastic window.


Once made Measurements Window aperture, it is necessary to measure the dimensionsWindow sill. We need to measure its length and width. The length of the window sill can be determined from the distance from one edge to the other. The distance from the frame to the edge is its width. Please note, when installing plastic windows will be moved to the street wall. You also need to know that the plastic windows are much narrower than the wooden ones. Your window sill will be much wider.


It remains for us to measure the depth of the low tide. A tide is a special detail that is located on the outside of the window, that is, from the street. Its main task is to drain water and protect the window from its penetration. From the street side, you need to measure the distance from the corner of the wall to the frame. This data is also best reported to the company that installs the windows.

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