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HOW to make measurements for the window

How to make the measurements for the window

Many people make their own measurements of the window.

To do this, first of all, to prepare the window correctly.

It is also necessary to take into account all the rules relating to the measurement window. In order to accurately determine the size of the future plastic window, the window aperture make measurements.

The measurement should be made both inside the apartment and outside, that is from the street.



First you need to determine the size of the windowopening - height and width. Inside the apartment along the window sill taking measurements of the distance between the lights. This will be the width. The result is the best anywhere fix. Further, we are taking measurements of the width of the upper slope. As a result, you will be able to determine whether there are distortions. Inside the apartment along a vertical slope measures the distance from the top of the slope up to the window sill. This will be the height. Ideally, all the dimensions must be the same. If the match does not happen, then this design is skewed.


Next, conduct similar measurements from the street. All results are sure to be compared. Compare helps you to detect possible mechanical error as well as help to clearly define the desired layer of plaster for interior slopes. These data provide the best company that will deal with the installation of plastic windows.


Once made measurements window opening, it is necessary to measure the dimensionswindowsill. We need to measure the length and width. The length of the sill can be determined by the distance from its one end to the other. The distance from the frame to the edge is its width. Keep in mind when installing new windows will shift to the street wall. You should also know that plastic windows are much longer than wood. Your windowsill is noticeably wider.


It remains for us to measure the depth of the low tide. Low tide - this is a special part that is located outside of the window, that is, from the street. Its main task is to remove the water and protect the window from her penetration. On the street side you need to measure the distance from the wall to the corner of the frame. This data is also best to inform the company that sets the window.

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