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How to make a logo on the photo


How to make a logo on the photo</a>

Adding a logo to a photo is a simple but useful action that must be taken before uploading images to the Internet in the event that you want to specify the copyright holder.

You can overlay the logo in any graphics editor that can work with layers.

You will need

  • - program Photoshop-
  • - the photo-
  • - a file with a logo.



Open the files with a photo and logo in Photoshop in any way you like: Open & nbsp- from the File menu, Ctrl + O hot keys or by dragging the desired files into the program window.


Drag the logo image onto the photo whenUsing the Move Tool. The same result you get if you select the logo with the keys Ctrl + A or the All command from the Select menu, copy it with the Copy command from the Edit menu, and paste over the picture with the Paste command from the same menu.


You can add a logo without opening the file with the logo in a separate window. To do this, use the Place command of the File menu. Double click on the logo file icon in the window that opens.


Adjust the size of the logo. If you paste it with the Place command, there is a free transformation frame around the image, pulling the edges or corners of which you can resize and tilt the image. After transforming the logo, press the Enter key.


If you dragged or copied the logo from an open file, change its size using the Scale command from the Edit menu. In this case, the transformation is done by pressing the same Enter key.


Most often logos are applied to images forDownloads to the Internet, stored as files with a transparent background. If your logo for some reason turned out to be on white or any other one-color background, & nbsp- remove this background. To do this, click on the background of the logo with the Magic Wand Tool, setting the Tolerance field to 1. Delete the selected background with the Delete key.


If necessary, make the logo translucent. To do this, in the Layers palette, enter a new value for the Opacity parameter. You can lower this value by using the knob, which is opened by clicking on the arrow to the right of the field with the parameter value.


Flatten the layers using the Flatten Image command from the Layer menu. If the photo is intended for downloading to the Internet, save the file with the Save for Web command from the File menu.

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