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How to make eyelashes darker


How to make eyelashes darker</a>

Long black eyelashes are feminine pride.

They make the face more expressive, and the look is attractive. But some people do not have dark dark lashes.

And for fashionistas and beauties it becomes a real problem.

You will need

  • A good mascara or special solution or a trip to the beauty salon. Basically, all women resort to the following methods.



Painting eyelashes Ink. Mascara gives the eyelashes a darker shade, and also makes them longer and longer. But in fact, mascara is a paint and must be washed off every time. And the paint spoils eyelashes. In addition, if the mascara is not water resistant, it is afraid of moisture.


You can build up artificial eyelashes. Artificial eyelashes Can be dark, lush and long. The advantage of carcasses is that they do not need to be washed off. Another advantage of artificial eyelashes is that they can be produced in a variety of extravagant forms and in various color solutions. But artificial eyelashes, This is not at all what is theirs, relatives. And many girls would like to have their own natural dark long volumetric eyelashes.

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The most realistic option for convertingNatural rare light eyelashes in dark, voluminous and chic - Kareprost solution. In general, it is used to treat hypotrichosis - improper or insufficient growth of eyelashes. The Kareprost solution affects the cyclic phase of the anagen (growth) of the eyelashes in two directions: it increases the duration of the anagen (growth), increases the number of hairs in this phase of growth. Also, the drug can be used together with mascara. But even here everything is not smooth. There are side effects, manifested in the form of itching in the eyes or redness.

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