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How to make the land fertile

How to make the land fertile

Many gardeners in their work limitedplanting plants in the ground, pre-treated by some fertilizers such as compost special. For the harvest is quite good quality that is enough.

However, in the long term, the soil gradually loses its quality.

In order to increase its fertility needs special care.

nitrogen fertilizers

One of the most useful materials for soilThey are nitrogen fertilizers, such as manure. Their nutrients are easily absorbed by plants. However, these fertilizers should be applied with caution. To prevent contamination by microbes vegetation that may be contained in these fertilizers, try to make them into the soil for three months before you begin to harvest. Please also note that some of the substances contained in the manure, quickly fall into the ground water and thus contaminate them. Also, frequent use of the fertilizer can cause oversaturation of plant nutrients, such as phosphorus.


One way to avoid many troublesusing nitrogen fertilizer - based thereon produce compost. This is a more gentle soil substance which is already in the process of decomposition. Compost - a fertilizer, which is made from virtually any organic waste. Regular its use provides the soil with nutrients that significantly improve the quality in small quantities, allow a longer period to keep a moisture and helps fight against many pests. There are several types of compost, leaf compost for example, obtained by a combination of green and dry leaves, or vermicompost, which is the product of processing of nutrient materials earthworms.

Planting cover crops

Growing cover crops are very favorableIt affects the quality of the soil fertile. These plants are provided with many soil nutrients. Furthermore, their root system can saturate the ground water and oxygen.
One of the most valuable cover cropsThey are legumes (beans, clover, alfalfa, etc.). They convert nitrogen in the atmosphere into a form readily accessible for other plants. The combination of such crops is also very useful for the soil, it increases the amount of biomass, penetrating into the soil, and the complexity and variety of root systems results in improved soil structure.


Another way to increase the fertility of the land -mulching. This process is to cover the surface of the earth of varying organic matter, such as straw or fallen leaves. Mulch preserves soil moisture and avoid extreme temperatures.

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