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How to make the kitchen with his hands

The kitchen should be light, comfortable and functional

Kitchen ? This follows after the toilet room, which should be scheduled in the repair of apartments.

They are not only linked by common communications: piping and sanitation, but also have general repairs and decoration, as both bathroom and kitchen? rooms with high humidity.



Like any other serious business, renovated kitchenyou need to plan. Usually it begins with plaster and putty, then set the ceiling coating or paint the ceiling, then put glue wallpaper or tiles, install floor tiles, water resistant laminate or linoleum. Then set the lights, sockets, switches and ventilation. Finally, put furniture, built-in appliances, sink, cabinets and hang the hood.


Kitchen appliances and furniture should be preciselyselected in accordance with the dimensions of the kitchen. Working hostess area, which includes a food preparation area, storage area and place food products processing and cleaning must be properly organized. The entire area should be located 4-6 meters. Ergonomics involves placing kitchen sink area between the refrigerator and stove. If something your kitchen layout does not fit into this formula, then change the location of one of the zones. Move the sink or stove is not a problem. Water pipe can be lengthened by plastic pipes and the gas stove to move to another location, using a flexible hose. But remember that the work on the transfer plate must fulfill gasman, otherwise you may have trouble.


The dimensions of furniture and its location need to know morebefore the repair will be started. Headsets can be placed along the wall and in the corner. If the kitchen is spacious, the furniture can be placed in the middle of the room, joining one of the walls. This so-called insular installation method. It allows you to combine the work area with a bar.


Separately, it should be said about the drawing. If you highly value your efforts and money, be sure to install the hood, or in a few months the whole kitchen covered with a thin layer of fat and dust. Most often give false hoods. They are mounted under the cabinet above the stove. As a cleaning agent which is used in a carbon filter. These extracts are considered to be the cheapest.

Built-in hood is mounted inside the cabinet. They are coming to the cooking time. They are very compact, have the motor 2, and therefore more powerful. At the same time, they are not much more expensive than the previous ones. Dome hood is attached directly to the ceiling. They have the most diverse design and technical parameters.

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