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How to make the floor in the kitchen

How to make the floor in the kitchen

The flooring for the kitchen must meet all requirements: from both the aesthetic and the practical side.

Choose the color of the floor, taking into account the overall style of the kitchen is not as difficult in the modern world is a fairly wide range of coatings of different colors and textures.

Sex in the kitchen should not be afraid of water, easy to wash off from the various spots (including fat), and not to leave any scratches on the furniture movement.



Linoleum. Quite practical option for kitchen flooring. Pros linoleum: lower material cost, easy to installation, the service life of 8-10 years, good wear resistance, and has good thermal insulation, unpretentious in the care. Enough wide range of colors will help you choose the future owners of the linoleum like a monotonous pattern, and with a variety of patterns, and even with imitation wood, parquet, stone or metal. Disadvantages of linoleum: the synthetic material from which made linoleum, is not the most environmentally friendly product. With the purchase of flooring, pay attention to smell if it sharp and unpleasant, it is better to postpone the purchase of such linoleum is not safe.


Cork. This ondipolar Coating - an environmentally friendly material. Produce cork oak bark. Pros cork: thanks to the special properties of the coating on the spine and joints of the floor has a beneficial effect, reducing the load. Also, cork has good sound insulation and thermal insulation. Cork floor - ideal for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, it is easy to clean and does not attract pyl.Minusy cork: laying such coverings are best left to the professionals. This cover is required to cover special varnish, as it is not moisture-proof, such as linoleum. Improper installation and the slightest contact with the liquid on the floor surface may swell.


Floor tiles. One of the most popular floor coverings. Whether ceramic or tile, it is a huge scope for creative imagination, convenience and practicality. Pros floor tiles: lower material costs, is not afraid of direct sunlight, household chemicals, electric current. Floor tiles - clean produkt.Minusy floor tiles: the biggest drawback - the cold floor in winter and summer. Also, experts recommend to lay flooring only from the unglazed, matte tiles, to avoid injury. Despite the low cost of the material, to put this ondipolar coating is best to seek professional help.

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