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How to make a floor in the kitchen


How to make a floor in the kitchen</a>

Floor covering for the kitchen should meet all the requirements: both from the side of aesthetics, and from the practical side.

To choose a floor by color, given the general style of the kitchen, is not so difficult, in the modern world a wide assortment of coatings of various colors and textures is presented.

The floor in the kitchen should not be afraid of moisture, it is easy to wash off various stains (including fatty ones) and not to leave any scratches from the movement of furniture.



Linoleum. Quite practical variant of a floor covering for kitchen. The advantages of linoleum: low material costs, easy laying, service life of 8-10 years, good durability, good thermal insulation, unpretentious in maintenance. A sufficiently wide range of colors will help to choose the future owners of linoleum as with a monophonic pattern, and with different patterns, and even with imitation of wood, parquet, metal or stone. Linoleum minuses: synthetic material, from which linoleum is made, is not the most environmentally friendly product. When buying this flooring, pay attention to the smell: if it is sharp and unpleasant, then the purchase is better to postpone, such a linoleum is not safe.


Cork cover. Given onHollow Coating - environmentally friendly material. Produce a cork coating from the bark of oak. Advantages of the cork coating: due to the special properties of this coating, the floor has a beneficial effect on the spine and joints, reducing the load. Also, the cork coating has good sound insulation and thermal insulation. The cork floor is an ideal option for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, it is easy to clean and does not attract dust at all. Cork pancakes: stacking of such a coating is better entrusted to professionals. This coating must necessarily be covered with a special lacquer, as it is not as waterproof as, for example, linoleum. If the laying is wrong and the liquid hits the floor, the surface may swell.


Floor tiles. One of the most popular floor coverings. Whether it's ceramics or tiles, it's a huge space for creative imagination, convenience and practicality. Pros of floor tiles: low material costs, not afraid of direct sunlight, household chemicals, electric current. Floor tiles - an environmentally friendly product. Minuses of floor tiles: the biggest disadvantage is the cold floor in both winter and summer. Also, experts recommend laying the floor only from unglazed, matt tiles to avoid injuries. Despite the low cost of such material, to put this onHollow Coverage, it is best to seek professional help.

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