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How to make the keyboard

how to make the keyboard

If you are a lover to sit at night and playtotal darkness or often work at the computer at night, then you should be interested in the process of molding the keyboard, with which you can make the keyboard glowing.

You will need

  • Superglue, "Moment" or any other, which glues plastic clamps small, flexible neon cord 9V voltage and length of 3m, the actual keyboard.



Please note that the flexible neon strongly buzzing. This may bother some users. Although, if your computer has more than one fan, the hum of neon is not annoying. In addition, the noise depends on the neon voltage (over voltage? Larger noise). We will take on neon 9B.


Our main task will be the laying of flexibleneon in between the keyboard keys to it the entire keyboard rounding along the contour. At least most of the keyboard neon in this case will illuminate.


Before routing? Backlighting? Bend the edge in the keyboard cover on the reverse side. It must be done in the place where the neon. If we do not take care of this in advance, the keyboard cover snaps into place.


Now we proceed to the laying of flexible neon cord. Therein it should stick to the board by adhesive. It is enough to do it a few buttons.


After laying neon drill hole onthe reverse side of our keyboard, to bring out the power cord? lighting ?. If the keyboard reverse side is concave, then there can be placed an inverter or the battery pack for the neon power cord. A wire can extend and connect with a wire our keyboard, and establish feeder element anywhere within the system unit.


The inverter allows battery-powered neon work bynormal 9-tivoltovoy batteries. If there is no battery or no desire to change them, you can do the transformer, which is connected to a specific port in the inverter at one end, and a normal outlet to others. The transformer can be purchased on the radio market or thrift shop. It will allow us to choose the voltage values ​​from several starting and ending 3B 12V. So we will be able to adjust the backlight brightness and the noise of neon. Switching voltage is possible even when the neon works. The package with the transformer should include several plugs for different types of sockets. Choosing the right fork and enjoy the beautiful lighting.

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