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How to make the house warm floors

How to make the house warm floors

The cosiness and comfort of home is inextricably linked with the heat. Living in a home where comfort temperature is not maintained, not only comfortable, but also safe for health.

These problems can be avoided if you set the house underfloor heating, contributing to the creation of indoor natural ventilation and excellent climate.

You will need

  • - Waterproofing material-
  • - Thermal insulation material-
  • - cement
  • - pesok-
  • - water-
  • - truby-
  • - Reinforcing Mesh-
  • - Damper tape-
  • - Corrugated trubka-
  • - Plastic clamps.



Currently, there are two types of warmFloor this water, when as the heating source is a hot water, and electrical heat source which serves as electric power. For private home is preferable to use a water floor, as the use of electric heating large areas of economically inefficient. Before the device water floor heating, it is necessary to prepare the base properly.


First you need to align the draft floor tothe system can run more efficiently. Then run the floor waterproofing using mixtures of coating or roll materials. On top lay a waterproofing insulation, which will not allow the sub-floor to divert the heat down. Around the perimeter of the room vertically to the wall lay the damping tape, and insulation material put reinforcing grid. To it will continue to fasten the pipe.


Now you need to decide on the scheme layingpipes, which depends on the size of the premises. In small rooms it will be enough to hold the series circuit, for which the use of the manifold optional, and will use the scheme, implying laying pipes in a spiral space is needed for a large size.


Having defined the scheme, calculate the number ofpipes, taking into account the method of laying paths, among which stands out: snake, snail, snake and a double spiral with a displaced center. Observe the distance between circuits, which shall be not less than fifteen centimeters.


Connect the top of the pipe to the collector, afterthen place it on a path, and secure to the fixture. For fixing pipes using plastic clamps. To avoid deformation of the pipe, or pinch them tightly to the armature. Attach the pipe should be observing a step equal to one meter. Do not place the tube close to the wall, the minimum distance from it should not be less than 7 cm. On the tube passing through the expansion joint, corrugated tube wear.


Once the pipes are laid, fill themconcrete screed. But before that, make sure to check the laid heating system to make sure there are no leaks. To do this, turn on the pressure in the pipes and soak pressure, which must be greater than operating.


On top screed you can put any floorcover, except linoleum, which, when heated, emit dangerous vapors, the negative effects on human health. At the same time finishing the floor can be laid only after drying screed, it takes at least 20 days.

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