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How to make the heart of the balls

How to make the heart of the balls

Heart of balls tend to do for the wedding the newlyweds. They decided to issue a ballroom.

It is a pleasure not cheap. But such a heart can be done independently, and this option will be more byudzhetnym.Takzhe this design of the balls can serve as a giant valentine Valentine's Day.

She can decorate the room, for example, hanging over the bed.

You will need

  • - Insulated wires
  • - air balloons
  • - Pump for balls



We take the necessary piece of wire and form a heart shape out of it. This will be the frame of the product. The ends of the wire a good fix tape together.


At the heart of one pack enough balls (100 pieces). Inflate them by a pump. The ball should have a diameter of 10-12 cm at the most.


It should be of 4 balls to make a bundle. To do this, first forming the balls in pairs, and then curl each other two such pairs. We get a block of 4 pieces.


Each received a bunch of strung over a frame. To attach enough scroll between them two balls of the bunch, and all will be held.


The same principle is to fill the entire frame blocks of balls. And we get a nice result.
Such a heart to decorate the banquet hall onwedding couple can easily do yourself. After all balls design is not cheap, but you can save on a similar design.

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