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How to make gel-varnish last for a long time


How to make gel-varnish last for a long time</a>

A manicure with gel-lacquer becomes popular with many girls and women. This is not surprising - because the coating gel-varnish lasts longer than normal lacquer.

The nails look bright and well-groomed. Average time of gel-lacquer wear is 2-3 weeks.

To nails remained beautiful, it is enough to fulfill several conditions.

Before doing a manicure with gel-varnish,Look at the state of your nails. If your nails are in poor condition, after nail extensions, break down or break, give up the procedure. First, restore the nails with folk or cosmetic products. Gel-lacquer will not hold properly on the damaged nails and you will enjoy the beautiful manicure for a very short time.

Before you do a manicure, do not useOils and hand creams. In order for the base product to be absorbed into the nail plate, it must be in a natural state, moderately dry and not moistened by any means.

When you covered the nails with gel-varnish, the first timeTry not to expose your nails to temperature changes. Postpone the trek to the sauna or sauna. Do not take a bath after you do a manicure with gel-varnish. Do not wash your hands with warm water for 48 hours for the best adhesion of the nail with the coating.

When doing the usual homework youNeed gloves. Your manicure will last you longer if you wash dishes and gloves. Washing with gel-varnish on nails is also not recommended.

Do not subject the nails to mechanical damage. Do not open the lids and packaging with nails, do not pick anything with your nails. Do not gnaw or lick your nails.

Correct the gel-lacquer in time. The longer you wear the cover, the more your nails are damaged. The gel-lacquer adheres more strongly to the nail plate, and if the removal of the coating is delayed, the nail is more injured.

Do not make more than three corrections, let your nails rest. It makes sense to cover the nails with medical varnish for several weeks after removing the gel-varnish. Take care of your marigolds!

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