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HOW to make gel lacquer stayed long

How to make gel lacquer stayed long

Manicure with gel varnish becomes popular with a lot of girls and women. This is not surprising - after coating of gel polish lasts longer than regular nail polish.

This nails look bright and well-groomed. Average time socks gel lacquer - 2-3 weeks.

To the nails were beautiful enough to fulfill several conditions.

Before making manicure with gel polish,look at the condition of your nails. If your nails are in poor condition, after the nails, exfoliate and break down, give up the procedure. First, restore the nails with the help of folk or cosmetics. Gel polish is badly damaged stick on nails and you will enjoy a beautiful manicure very short time.

Before you do a manicure, do not useoils and creams for the hands. To base means absorbed into the nail plate, it should be in its natural state, the extent of dry and hydrated by any means.

When you cover the nail gel polish, first timetry not to expose the nails temperature changes. Put the hike in the bath or sauna. Do not take a bath after a manicure with gel polish. Do not wash your hands with warm water for at least 48 hours for the best adhesion to the coated nail.

When the usual homework youneed gloves. Your manicure will last you longer if you wash dishes and floors in gloves. Wash with gel polish on the nails, too, it is not recommended.

Do not expose your nails to mechanical damage. Do not open the cover and packaging using the nail is not poking anything nails. Do not gnaw and lick nails.

To make timely correction of gel varnish. The longer you wear the coat, the more spoiled nails. Gel polish strongly adheres to the nail plate and nail untimely removal of the coating injured more.

Do not make more than three corrections, give your nails a rest. It makes sense to cover the nails with varnish treatment a few weeks after the removal of the gel varnish. Take care of your nails!

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