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HOW do Fungus in sandbox

How to make the fungus in the sandbox

Fungus sandbox is a decorative item, which has a specific and protective function.

It protects from the sun and rain, and it is possible to pin a convenient table to its base.

You will need

  • - Log with a diameter of 10 cm, length - 2.7 m
  • - Boards overhang
  • - Fasteners - nails
  • - Brush and paint
  • - hacksaw
  • - a hammer



Dig in the center of the future pit sandbox inwhich will be setting foot fungus. Set the fungus is necessary before a sandbox is filled in the sand, and even better - immediately after the markup for the future of the sandbox. It is particularly convenient to do so, if you plan to concrete foot fungus.


Make a hat for the fungus - it should be made ofboards which are fixed in a special way. Put together four triangles to the leg nail them overlap. Outside their obsheyte thin plywood. It is sufficient for the cap to be about the width of 2.5 m.


Choose plywood or thin plank "bunk"to sew up the canopy above. Lock board with nails. Each of the next board should be located so that the nail-head on the previous would have been hidden from view.


When the hat is ready to mold and is fixed to the leg as it should, put it into the prepared hole. Align the pole in the hole, fix the wedging stones, pour pit loam.


In order for the fungus has been fixed in the ground as thecan be more reliable, better bottom rack pour concrete solution. At the bottom of the pit is placed a large gravel, set the leg so that it was buried to a depth of 70 cm. After that, pour cement solution and allowed to harden.


Make fungus more vivid and interesting. Once the leg is set and locked in place, the hat can be painted any color desired. For example, to represent the fly agaric - red with white polka dots hat looks very elegant and visible from afar. You can make a hat in any other color - a prompt fantasy.

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