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How to make the frame for the roof

frame for roof

If your intention is to make the roof with their hands, especially the right, plan and calculate all geometrical characteristics of the carcass.

Makes wooden frame, because it is most easy to install and is easier than metal, with a very reliable and practical.



For convenience, use the auxiliaryframing elements, which will subsequently be removed. In corners, in which abuts the roof frame, set the number of vertical bars. Then they place the transverse horizontal beams. As a result, you will create a perfect parallelepiped.


Then pull the thread construction that will serve as a mounting level frame. If the roof angle, make a crossbeam at the very center of the roof, attach to it the rest of the ramp.


Side beams attach evenly on both sides in order to avoid warping. If the roof is more complicated forms, in addition to the beam in the center, be sure to place the other girders.


Mount the beam with nails 200 mm. This will create a strong bond. Pre zagotovte stops, in which abut your beams in the roof edge. To fabricate this special corners and nail them directly to the "floor" of the roof.


when making frame remember that he used to send forces throughwalls and columns on the foundation of the house. On the roof frame holds all the elements of the roof, so be careful when carrying out calculations and calculations of possible static loads.


Collection frame start with the production of rafters on the ceiling. In the above-described construction of the supporting beams set two sets of trusses, which will be the basis for framing system. The rafters, perpendicular to them more accurately, put crate or formwork or larger elements - boards and panels.


Keep in mind that the installation of wooden structures can be made of assembly units - finished frames frame, Partitions sections, which reduces assembly time and reduces the cost of it.

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