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How to make a frame for home

How to make a frame for home</a>

The frame of the house is the backbone of the whole future construction. This is the main part of the house, the design and construction of which must be done accurately and accurately.

However, this does not mean that an ordinary person who does not have experience in this area can not, guided by this rule, build a reliable support for his future home.

Pay more attention to the details and follow the rules below.



Make a design at home. Imagine where each of the rooms will be located, determine the yardage that you have and which is necessary for each of the rooms. Try to reduce the number of corridors, they are completely not functional, but "eat" a fairly significant part of the footage. Also, plan the load-bearing walls and walls of the hanging strength (for example, if you want to hang a wall punching box, for an ordinary plywood partition, of course, this will not be possible), decide on the material and go to the store.


Buy everything you need to build a frame,Make sure that you have a tool for those fastening systems that you have chosen. If they are not, or change the fasteners, or acquire the necessary tools.

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Choose one of the ways of construction. You can either start the assembly from the side, main partitions, or go from the center, and gradually build up the walls one by one. These options are not much different, except for your personal preferences. As you want, and act. But be careful, do not bow out of those calculations that you have outlined in advance. Otherwise, in one not the most beautiful moment, the next partition does not come together with a support with a gap of a couple of centimeters or more.


Be careful: When assembling each new layer, carefully check how it is fixed, even if one fragment will not stand up correctly, gradually the whole structure under the pressure of the upper settings can go and fall, which clearly does not sound appealing.

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