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How to make the frame for the house

How to make a frame for the house

The frame house is the pillar of all future designs. This is the main part of the house, designing and construction of which should take place efficiently and accurately.

However, this is not to say that the average person who does not have experience in this area, can not be guided by this rule, he build a reliable support of their future home.

Pay more attention to detail and the following guidelines.



Make the design of the house. Imagine where you will be each of the rooms, determine the yardage that you have, and which is required of each of the rooms. Try to reduce the number of corridors, they are quite functional, but "eat" quite a significant part of the footage. Also plan the load-bearing walls and walls hung strength (for example, if you want to hang a punching bag wall, the usual plywood partition, of course, to do this it will be impossible), to determine the material and go to the store.


Purchase everything necessary for the construction of the frame,make sure that you have a tool for fixing the system that you have chosen. If they do not, either change the fasteners, or buy the necessary tools.

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Select one of the ways of construction. You can either start with the assembly side, the main walls, or go to the center, and gradually build up the wall one by one. These options are especially no different, except for your own personal preferences. As want, and proceed. But be careful not to bow out of the calculations that previously outlined. Otherwise, one is not the most beautiful time of the next baffle converges with a support with clearance in a couple of centimeters or more.


Be careful: the assembly of each new layer, carefully check how it is fixed, even if one fragment will be incorrect, gradually the whole pressure of the upper structure settings can go and drop that clearly does not sound appealing.

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