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How to make the finish of the walls with wood paneling?

Skinning of walls with wood paneling

In this article you will learn how you can easily and efficiently carry out their own hands the finish of the walls with wooden panels, without the help of professional carpenters.



It is best to paint the wall in the desired colorbefore you become a work with wooden planks. In addition, the board to be processed using an emery paper so that they are smooth and to align all the sharp corners. Not bad will happen if you pre-paint the board, before they arrive. Try to create a frame of boards around the wall, using it, you will be much easier to beat the rest of the board.


Then you need to measure the wall from which youwant to work, and note its center, only then it will be possible to beat the top of the board. This will help you determine the actual dimensions of the wall, you need to create the necessary wooden frame.


Next you need to calculate the distance for woodvertical beams that make up the foundation for the framework. They are, on average, must be placed every twenty centimeters, so that it was easier to nail a new board. You should try to make measurements with maximum accuracy, then you will no longer have any problems.


Next, you need to prepare horizontal woodstrips and using them to form a mesh wall. They need to be cut into pieces and then traced, so they were placed perfectly between the vertical wooden slats. If necessary, align the pieces can be using sandpaper and a handsaw.


When all the strips are fully nailed,you need to process all the seams and holes. This can be done with sand or sealant. Now you need to paint the necessary color panel in layer 3-4, so the color could keep a long time. Dye with a roller to be, as it can use only necessary to provide a uniform coating paint. Then you need to give the panels to dry. If you made a mistake somewhere - it is very easy to repaint the existing panel.


And finally, the final stage - mount panels. This can be done with nails or screws. We must see to it that all the panels tightly adjoined to each other. In order to hide the existing prints of the nails, you can paint them a monochromatic paint.

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