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How to draw a number from balls


How to draw a number from balls</a>

Registration with balloons is relevant for any holiday, not just for a wedding or a children's birthday.

Particularly advantageous are the figures made up of balloons, for example, in honor of the jubilee date.

You can create such beauty with your own hands.

You will need

  • Plastic pipe, scotch tape, scissors, balloons.



In order to make a figure from the balls, beforeIn all, it is necessary to make a frame. For this, it is convenient to use conventional plastic pipes. If there was nothing at hand, but the wire, then you can use it as a frame, but plastic pipes keep the shape much better. Carry out the frame in the form of the desired number. If it is assumed that the future figure should be on the floor, then it is necessary to make an additional base-base, so that the figure does not fall. For the reliability of the construction, it is necessary to firmly connect the main frame with the stand with the help of an adhesive tape.


Now you can start inflating the balls. In order to keep the balls longer, they need to be stretched a little. To do this, inflate the ball, then release some of the air from it, then gently tie it. Try to get balls of approximately the same size, otherwise problems may occur when making a figure. After you have inflated the required number of balls, bind them first in pairs, and then connect the four pieces. To do this, twist the two pairs together.


Most importantly, it is necessary to attach the resultingFour of the balls on a prefabricated frame. Begin to do this better from below, paying special attention to hard-to-reach places. First, decorate the base of the design, you can use single balls here, it all depends on the size of your stand. Then you can go to the figure itself. Carefully and uniformly wrap the frame with prepared bundles of four balls. To ensure that the edge of the pipe can not damage your balls, seal it with adhesive tape. On the tips of the numbers it is convenient to use bundles of not four balls, but five. So the design will look neater. If suddenly the balls in some places do not want to lie in the right direction, then they can be fixed with a double-sided tape.

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