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How to make a figure of the balls

How to make a number of balls

Registration using the balls is important for any holiday, and not just for a wedding or child birth.

Particularly advantageous to look figures composed of balloons, for example, in honor of the anniversary.

Such beauty can create your own hands.

You will need

  • Plastic pipe, tape, scissors, balloons.



In order to make the number of balls beforeall it is necessary to make the frame. It is convenient to use ordinary plastic tube. If nothing has been turned on hand than the wire, then it could be used, but much better than plastic pipes hold the shape as the frame. Follow the frame in the form of a desired number. If you meant that future figure should stand on the floor, it must also make a stand-base so that the figure does not fall. For reliability, the design must be hard to connect the main frame with a stand with the help of adhesive tape.


Now you are ready to inflate balloons. To balls do not burst longer, they need to stretch a little bit. To do this, inflate the ball, then release it from the part of the air, and only then carefully tie. Try to keep you getting the ball about the same size, otherwise problems may arise when the production numbers. Once you inflate the required number of balloons, tie them in pairs first, and then connect the four things. For this twist the two pairs together.


Most importantly, you need to attach the resultingFour of the balls in the cage made in advance. To begin to do it better from below, with particular attention to hard to reach places. First decorate the design basis, you can use a single and balls, it all depends on your stand size. Then you can go to most digit. Gently and evenly obkrutite frame harvested bunches on four balls. To the edge of the pipe will not harm your balls, cover it with tape. At the tip of the figures is useful not ligament four balls, and five. So design will look neater. If suddenly the balls in some places do not wish to go to the right direction, then you can fix them by using double-sided tape.

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