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How to make the drainage of the house

the house drainage

Every building has a foundation.

Even at shallow depths it will produce a negative impact groundwater.

And if you want to make a cellar or basement?

There can not do without drainage. As part of the ground water are corrosive components.

They, in turn, can destroy everything in a short time, in this case, no waterproofing will not help.



The foundation is constantly under the pressure of the water falls -the spring when the snow melts in the summer and autumn periods of rain. On pushing the foundation and offset affect tangential and normal components of the pressure forces the water, and this leads to cracks and displacements, but the result is a deformation of the building. To get rid of the water pressure, need deep drainage of the house.


Drainage of the foundation can be trim and transheynyy.Ustroystvo trench drainage.
Place the trench drainage in clay soils, so that it does not come into contact with the wall at a distance of about 1.5 - 3 meters away.


Use gravel and coarse sand.
In this case, between the house and the drainage trench will be a layer of clay, which will prevent the penetration of water.


Lay drainage 0.5 m deeper than the bottom pointfoundation, and if there is a foundation slab, - below it, because the water bottom will have no effect. Such effective solution (and most importantly inexpensive) will allow you to protect the foundation of the house from the water pressure.


The device of wall drainage.
Perimeter foundation drainage use only in the presence of a basement.
Dig a drainage hole on the entire width of the former pit.


Place the gravel, then sand layer. If necessary, use rebar and mesh-netting.
In the case of wall drainage greater volume of work as opposed to trench drainageDue to excavation.


Do not block the drainage, as in the case of the trench, cover the surface of the coarse mesh or lattice.

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