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How to make a drain at home


Drainage at home</a>

Any structure has a foundation.

Even at a shallow depth, groundwater will have a negative impact on it.

And if you want to make a cellar or a basement?

There is no way to do without drainage. In the composition of groundwater there are corrosive components.

They, in turn, can destroy everything in a short time, in this case no waterproofing will help.



The foundation is constantly falling under the pressure of water -In spring, when snow melts, in autumn and summer during periods of rains. The tangential and normal components of the water pressure forces influence the ejection and displacement of the foundation, and this leads to cracks and displacements, and as a result we get a deformation of the building. To get rid of the pressure of water, you need deep drainage at home.


Drainage of the foundation can be wall-mounted and trenching. Drainage.
Arrange trench drainage on clay soils so that it does not come into contact with the wall, at a distance of about 1.5 to 3 meters from it.


Use gravel and coarse sand.
In this case, between the house and the drainage trench will be a layer of clay, which will prevent the penetration of water.


Fill drain 0.5 m deeper than the lower pointFoundation, and in case there is a foundation plate, - below it, so the water from below will not have any effect. Such an effective solution (and most importantly inexpensive) will allow you to protect the foundation of the house from the pressure of water.


Wall-mounted device Drainage,
Wall drainage of the foundation should be used only if there is a basement floor.
Dig a drainage pit over the entire width of the former pit.


Lay the gravel, then the sand layer. If necessary, use reinforcement and mesh-netting.
In the case of a wall Drainage The amount of work is greater in contrast to the trench Drainage, Due to excavation.


Do not close the drainage, as in the trench case, cover the surface with a large mesh or grate.

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