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How to make a construction from plasterboard


How to make a construction from plasterboard</a>

Drywall is a long-known and rather popular building material recently. His popularity he won thanks to a wide range of applications.

From sheets of plasterboard due to its flexibility and plasticity it is possible to make the most improbable designs of any form, what not to make of other material.

You will need

  • Sheets of plasterboard, Whatman, dowels, screws, aluminum profile, punch, putty, screwdriver, hammer, tape measure, spatula, skin, saw.



The most simple construction is the arch. First, measure the dimensions of the doorway (length and width) - the location of the future arch.


Given the dimensions, calculate the radius of curvature. Consider in calculations that the arch will reduce the space of your opening.


First of all, place aluminum in the openingDirect guides, located horizontally and vertically, fix them with screws. From the hypocarcarton sheet, cut out 4 identical triangles. They should have right angles with the legs slightly longer than the arc radius.


Cut out the curvature on the triangles. For convenience, first make a template: on the sheet of Whatman draw this rounding. The resulting figures are placed in the corners of the opening for 2 pieces on each side.


The profile walls are cut with approximate steps of 5-8Cm, and curl the profile back by the cut out rounding. Secure the entire structure with screws between the triangles. Where the profile will contact the ends of the opening, metal bend inward and secure with a dowel. All unnecessary protruding parts Drywall And profile cut.


Next cut out of Drywall The strip is slightly wider than the thickness of the wall (3-4 cm)Length make 10 cm longer than the arch bend. Drill holes in the strip in 8-9 cm increments. Imitation of the perforated tape will be obtained. To give flexibility, dry the gypsum board with a damp cloth. The band is attached to the end profiles, guided by an arched bend.


After the drywall has dried (approximately 12Hours), zashpaklyuyte design at the seams and joints. After drying, use a sandpaper to remove the burrs and round out the protrusions. Enjoy the updated interior of your apartment.

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