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How to make the design of the drywall

Drywall - long-known and quite popular in the recent building material. The popularity he gained through its broad scope.

Because drywall sheets due to its flexibility and plasticity can be manufactured most improbable design of any shape, which is not made of a different material.

You will need

  • Sheets of drywall, Whatman, dowels, screws, aluminum profile, hammer, putty, screwdriver, hammer, measuring tape, putty knife, sandpaper, nail file.



The simplest design is a fabrication arch. To begin, measure the dimensions of the door opening (width and length) - the place of the future arch.


Given the size, calculate the radius of curvature. Included in the calculation, that the arch will reduce the space of your opening.


In the first place in the opening, place aluminumstraight guides arranged horizontally and vertically, reinforce them with screws. From sheet giposkartona cut 4 identical triangles. They should have right angles with legs slightly longer than the radius of curvature of the arch.


On the triangles cut rounding. For the convenience of pre-made templates: on a sheet of paper, draw this curve. The resulting figures are located at the corners of the opening on the 2 pieces on each side.


The walls of the notch profile with exemplary steps 5-8see, and bend the profile back by carved rounding. All construction fasten screws between the triangles. Where the profile will be in contact with the ends of the opening, bend the metal into the dowel and secure. All unnecessary protruding parts drywall Profile and SPIL.


Next, cut out drywall strip a little wider than the thickness of the wall (3-4 cm)make long by 10 cm long arch bend. Drill a hole in the strip with a pitch of 8-9 cm. It will turn an imitation of a perforated tape. To give flexibility drywall moisten with a damp cloth. The band attach to the end profiles, focusing on the arch bend.


Once the drywall is dry (about 12hours), zashpaklyuyte design at the seams and joints. Once dry, use sandpaper to remove burrs and rounded protrusions. Enjoy the updated interior of his apartment.

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