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How to make a day a holiday


We create a festive mood</a>

Weekdays draw us like a quagmire.

We are increasingly recalling the film "Groundhog Day" andWe feel like his hero. We get up in the mornings, we are going to work or study, we spend the day in stuffy offices, we come home tired, we do household chores and we fall to rest.

And so every day. But in the working routine we somehow forget that life can not be Groundhog Day.

It will be the same as we do it ourselves.

And make of a normal day a real holiday - in our power.

You will need

  • Multicolored stickers, music, camera.



Stop being sorry for yourself. You do not need to talk and even think that you are so unhappy, because life is a longing. Understand and firmly affirm that your life is in your hands. So, it's also your duty to organize holidays in it. If you necessarily need an occasion for a holiday, look in the calendar - http://www.kalen-dar.ru/calendar.


One mood in order to feelHoliday, of course, not enough. Here ordinary everyday things come to the aid, which we usually do not pay attention to. Stick on the apartment multicolored stickers with wishes and compliments for yourself-beloved. For example: "Have a good day!", "You can do it!", "You look like today!", "Look at life is more fun!". Such notes will certainly cheer you up in the morning.


Make breakfast for an ordinary omelet, but drawOn it with ketchup or another sauce a smile. Enjoy such a breakfast of yourself and your soul mate. Turn on the music channel and sing along with the performers, dance. Dance is a good way to raise your spirits. Yes, and charging in the morning is a very useful thing.


In the evening, do not go straight home, take a walkFavorite places in the city. Take a camera with you, look for unusual images. You can go to the cinema or to a cafe. Listen to people's conversations, sometimes it's very funny.


The main thing that you can do in order toThe usual day was a holiday for you - it's to remember that life is given to us only once. And we just do not have the right to spend it on a bad mood and routine. With this attitude, you will notice that such festive days in your life will become much more.

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