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How to make a corner computer desk

How to make a corner computer desk

Corner computer desks is almost ideal for small spaces.

They take up little space and it is very easy to operate. The price of ready-corner computer desk is large enough.

Meanwhile, make a table with his hands can almost anyone with a minimum experience of working with wood.

You will need

  • - Electric lobzik-
  • - Flexible kromka-
  • - A flexible U-shaped profiled
  • - Allen key-
  • - evrovinty-
  • - EAF slabs
  • - drel-
  • - Runners for sliding polki-
  • - ekstsentriki-
  • - Coasters discs-
  • - Overhead nozhki-
  • - liner-
  • - ugolnik-
  • - lineyka-
  • - shilo-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - stationery knife.



Determine the required size. Make a drawing corner computer desk with more detailing.


Transfer the drawing onto chipboard and makecutting of parts using an electric jigsaw. To do this, Draw a first workpiece contour using Linera. Make sure that the applied mark. Mark the outline of the details of using the awl. Make a cut on the outside of the line, leaving 1-2 mm for finishing.


Stick the flexible U-shaped profile on the shelf for the keyboard, the table top, sides and a shelf under the monitor.


Take the edge of a flexible coated with aadhesive paste over it and ends the other parts. Stick this edge is possible by means of iron. At gluing edge is recommended to use a piece of paper in order to avoid overheating of the material and the formation of bubbles. If necessary, trim the excess flexible edge with a sharp knife stationery. Align cut using sandpaper.


Schedule using the square and ruler Wizard holes. Note that for reliable fastening holes should be located at a minimum distance of 4 cm from the edge parts.


First, gather under the table top stand. Attach them to the table top using evrovintov. It should be noted that when tightening evrovintov EAF, they should not rotate more than 3-4 times. With more evrovinty turns begin to scroll in the material. Join the shelf to be placed above the monitor, with the corner posts of the computer desktop, and attach it to the table top design. Screw the shelf under the CD, a keyboard shelf with 4 eccentrics. Your corner computer desk is ready.

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