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How to make a corner computer desk


How to make a corner computer desk</a>

Corner computer tables are almost ideal for small rooms.

They occupy a minimum of space and are very convenient to operate. The price for ready corner computer desks is quite large.

Meanwhile, to make such a table with their own hands can almost anyone who has minimal experience with wood.

You will need

  • - electric jigsaw-
  • - flexible edge-
  • - flexible U-shaped profile-
  • - Allen key-
  • - Eurovint-
  • - boards ДСП-
  • - drill-
  • - skids for sliding shelf-
  • - eccentrics-
  • - stands for discs-
  • - Overhead legs-
  • - liner-
  • - square bracket-
  • - ruler-
  • - an awl-
  • - sandpaper-
  • - stationery knife.



Determine the required dimensions. Make a drawing of a corner computer desk with detailed details.


Transfer the drawing to the chipboard and produceCutting of parts using electric jig saw. To do this, first draw the contour of the part with the liner. Make sure the markings are correctly applied. Mark the contour of the part with an awl. Cut on the outside of the line, leaving 1-2 mm for finishing.


Stick a flexible U-shaped profile on the shelf for the keyboard, countertop, sidewall and monitor shelf.


Take the flexible edge with the applied on itAdhesive layer and cover it with the ends of the remaining parts. You can glue this edge with an iron. When gluing the edge, it is recommended to use a sheet of paper to avoid overheating of the material and the formation of bubbles. If necessary, trim the excess of the flexible edge with an acute clerical knife. Align the cut with sandpaper.


Mark a hole with a bracket using a square and a ruler. It should be borne in mind that for secure mounting the holes should be located at least 4 cm from the edge of the parts.


Connect the parts
First, assemble the stand under the countertop. Attach them to the table top using Euro screws. It should be noted that when twisting the screws in the EAF, they should not be rotated more than 3-4 times. With more turns, the Euro-screws begin to scroll in the material. Connect the shelf, which will be located above the monitor, with the corners of the computer desk and attach this construction to the table top. Screw the shelf under the CD, the shelf under the keyboard with 4 eccentrics. Your corner computer desk is ready.

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