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How to make the club

How to make the club

Do you want to open their own nightclub?

Then you know that it is quite a complex and capital-intensive task, to which must be approached intelligently. Good club combines and a bar and restaurant, and a dance floor, and a place to rest.

So how do you make a club that will be popular in your town?



First of all, you need to think about the conceptclub. Gather as much information about your competitors and analyze what the nightlife is not enough in your town. Find your niche and your target audience is very important to obtain a stable income. For example, the very popular nowadays enjoy RnB clubs and clubs with quality retro music.


The second important point in the opening of a nightclub -this investment. Determine how much money you will need in the first stage - the rental of suitable premises, repair and design, marketing campaign, musical equipment and staff. To open the night places the average level in Moscow, for example, will require at least $ 1.5 million rubles.


In order to gain a rather big amount,you need to get a reliable and non-poor counterparts. Do not expect that you will be able to get a bank loan, usually financial institutions are reluctant to support such projects. Very good, if you manage to attract partners with experience and contacts in the field of show business, because it is a special world in which the novice is very difficult to navigate.


When you create a club and pay attention to histarget audience. Unable to create entertainment options for everyone. Decide whether you will rely on active young people from 18 to 28, or a more affluent older people, which, however, are more conservative.

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