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How to make the child drink the medicine

Giving your child a medicine is sometimes very difficult

Caring for a child ill with loving parents is doubly hard, because to the objective of anxiety and desire to help add strong emotions, feelings and desire as soon as possible to cure the baby.

The situation is often complicated by the fact that children have extremely negative attitude to drugs.

There are several ways to get the child to take the medicine.

Cheating the benefit

Explain a little child, that this bittertablet or nasty drops help to recover, often impossible. Ill baby focuses only on the negative emotions of the moment, and even the potential improvement is not able to get him to take the medicine. It is therefore not worth wasting time and find a reasonable argument. This situation is one of those, when to resort to trickery.
Bitter pill should grind upa powder and diluted with sweet berry syrup or jam. If the taste of the drug acceptable, but for some reason do not like a child, try to quietly dissolve the drug with his favorite treat: fruit puree, jam, condensed milk, yoghurt. If the medication is really important, you can let the kid even something conditionally forbidden, which is admixed with the medicament.

There is a great way to easy to swallow tablets. You just have to drink it from the bottle. In this case, the tongue is located in the mouth so that the moment becomes easier swallowing.

try to negotiate

If your child is at an age when ait is possible to agree, use this opportunity. Get your arguments in advance. Push the emotions impressionable children are amenable to persuasion much faster. Reassure the child that he is big enough to take the medication on their own and without tears. Use the principle of comparison with other children, which can easily take a pill. Promise baby welcome gift for his courage and bravery. Did not quite do so pedagogically, but in this case, the stake is the health of your son or daughter.
Remember that most modernmedicines for children really do not have an unpleasant taste and the most easy to use. Stereotypes, prejudices and unfounded fear - that it interferes with the child normally treated with medication.

Encourage your child to problem-free receptionmedicines in advance. Talk to your doctor about taking a multivitamin courses, let the kid rosehip syrup or other additives useful in a variety of forms.

Force - an extreme measure

Sometimes the child is at an age whenexplain the appropriateness of admission is still difficult to medicines, and to outwit - almost impossible. If the drug really depends on the health or even the life of the baby, there is nothing left but the use of force. Of course, to such a method is only a last resort, while acting as gently as possible. Try to keep the medicine still tasted good, please be enough water so that the child was able to wash it down. Very convenient to plant a liquid drug and administered into the mouth using a syringe without a needle. Quite possibly, the child will understand that the drug turned out to be not at all nasty, and the next time will have to accept it without any effort on your part.

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