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How do carbon filter

How to make charcoal filter

Carbon filters are useful when you want to get rid of odors.

For example, next to you is a road, or you do not like the smell of cooking food, the smells wafting from neighbors or the smell of tobacco smoke.

Best option to make charcoal filter so as turnkey solutions market is small and there are only very expensive.



As the source code for the charcoal filter is possibleuse housing usual channel filter, and the filter material can serve as activated charcoal brand AR - B. Other information you will need two ordinary kitchen sieve with a mesh of metal diameters of 175 and 180 millimeters. Insert one into another with a small gap.


Fill one activated carbon sieve withThis sieve insert another all the way from the top, so that the coal inside was motionless. To seal the gap ideal rubber ring from the heater channel.


Move the whole structure into the body of the channel filter, is closer to the outlet.


Cut the foam pad of the substrate andits use for sealing a gap between the housing and the sieve filter edge. Inside the filter insert into the gaps with four sides pieces parallona very dense, it is necessary to fix and clamp the entire structure made of you.
The whole design is quite simple.

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