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How to make a ball for topiary


How to make a ball for topiary</a>

Topiary in translation means "tree of happiness".

This is a great gift for a wedding or birthday. If you decide to do it yourself, then know that the basis of any topiary is a ball.

It can be made from improvised materials.

Ball of newspapers. Take old newspapers, crumble them. Mnite until you can not get a tight ball. The next newspaper wrap around the already turned ball. Pay attention to the fact that a round shape is obtained. Then take the stocking and shove the resulting lump into it. Tie it under the thread. Check the resulting shape, if you need to tighten the stocking. Paint with paint from the can or acrylic paints in the color of the extra-topiary.

To wrap the ball, you can use a food film instead of a stocking. If from above you glue the topiary adornments on the hot glue, then the film needs to be wrapped with threads in addition.

Ball in papier-mache technique. Inflate a small balloon. Glue PVA pour into the bowl. Take newspapers or paper, tear off small pieces from them, dab them in glue and apply to a balloon. After reaching the thickness of the paper layer of 1 cm, allow to dry the glue and puncture the ball. Paint the resulting ball in the desired color.

Ball of mounting foam. Take a strong polyethylene bag, hands inGloves squeeze the mounting foam into the bag. When it freezes, remove the resulting lump and trim it with a vegetable brush or knife until it is spherical. In such a ball it is very convenient to stick the elements of the topiary on the toothpicks.

Ball of foam. If you have a package from the refrigerator and anotherLarge household appliances, then you can cut a ball of foam. To do this, cut a small piece and, as in the previous version, cut out the ball from it, trying to achieve a round shape.

Sisal ball. First, crumble a small ball from the newspaper, thenOn top of the sisal and tie it with threads in color to the ball. The resulting tree can be further decorated, but in itself it looks spectacular.

A ball of moss. Apply the moss to the finished foam ball and glue on hot glue. A ball of natural materials will come out, well suited to environmentally friendly compositions.

You can use plastic balls for children's dry pools or rattan balls, sold in interior shops.

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