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How to make a ball Topiary

Topiary means "tree of happiness."

This is a great gift option for a wedding or a birthday. If you decide to do it yourself, you should know that the foundation of any Topiary is the ball.

It can be made from scrap materials.

Bowl of newspapers. Pick up old newspapers, crumple them. Crease as long as you do not get a tight ball. The following paper is wrapped around the globe have already received. Pay attention to the fact that the resulting circular shape. Then take the stocking and shove the resulting lump in it. Tie the thread below. Check the resulting shape, even if you want to pull up the stocking. Color paint from a container or acrylic paints to color buschuego Topiary.

To wrap ball stocking can be used instead of plastic wrap. If you glue the top topiary decorations on the hot glue, the film need to further wrap thread.

Ball in papier-mâché. Inflate a small balloon. PVA glue, pour into a bowl. Pick up a newspaper or paper, tear off small pieces from them, Dip them in glue and apply to the balloon. After reaching the paper layer thickness of 1 cm, and let dry glue bead puncture. Color to get the ball in the right color.

Bowl of foam. Take polietienovy durable package in his handsgloves squeeze assembly foam in the package. When it hardens, remove the resulting lump, and circumcised him peeler or a knife until the spherical shape. In such a ball it is very convenient to stick elements Topiary on toothpicks.

Ball foam. If you have a pack from the refrigerator and the othermajor appliances, it is possible to cut a ball of foam. To do this, cut a small piece and, as in the previous version, cut it into a ball, trying to get a round shape.

Ball of Sisal. First, crumple a small ball of newspaper, thenapply over sisal and primatyvayte his thread in color to the bowl. The resulting tree can Doponitelnye decorate, but in itself it already looks spectacular.

Ball moss. To apply the finished foam ball moss and glue the hot glue on. Get the ball out of natural materials, well suited to the eco-friendly compositions.

You can use plastic balls for the children's pools or dry rattan balls sold in the shops interior.

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