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How to make the background blurry

How to Make the background blurry

Perhaps you do not notice the time on a variety of photos trendy and stylish effect and defocused background blur with sharp focus in the foreground.

For example, it is very beneficial and unusual in the photo will look model shot clear and bright, but the background behind the model may be blurred and indistinct.

This background emphasizes the foreground, softens the picture, making it more artistic and elaborate composition.

You will need

  • Adobe Photoshop



Open the photo to which you want to blur the background. Select the person or thing that should be on the front plane, using Lasso Tool or any other methodisolation, trying to cut around the outline as much detail. Copy the image to a new layer by clicking on the highlighted area, right-click and selecting Layer via Copy.


Click the original background layer and open the filter menu. Select the filter Gaussian Blur and set the desired radius of the blur, watching the change of image in the preview window.


To blur was strong, set the radius in pixels 60-70. You will see the background will be blurred, and the image of the person or any other object on the front plane will retain its sharpness.


However, if the contours of a person have been difficult,for example, you had to select a hairstyle with flowing locks, the allocation could happen incorrect, and the photograph may be visible boundaries between bright blurred background and your character.


To smooth these areas, usePolygonal Lasso (Lasso Tool) and select all bright fragments background. Then select Image & gt-Adjustment & gt-HueSaturation and change the hue and saturation of the selected sites. Reduce the Saturation to -59 fragments.


Then, use the option on the toolbarblur (call it by pressing R) and treat the selected areas. Adjust Image from the menu option Brightness / Contrast, giving the photos a finished look.

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