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How to make the background blurry


How to make the background blurry</a>

Probably, you have noticed on many different photos a fashionable and stylish effect of a defocused and blurred background with a clear focus on the foreground.

For example, it's very profitable and unusual for a photograph to look model, shot clearly and brightly, but the background behind the model can be blurry and fuzzy.

This background accentuates attention in the foreground, softens the photo, makes it more artistic and compositionally thought out.

You will need

  • Adobe Photoshop



Open the photo on which you want to make a blurry background. Select the person or object that should be on the front planE, using the Lasso Tool or any other methodSelection, trying to wrap the contour as much as possible. Copy the image to a new layer by clicking on the selected area with the right mouse button and selecting the option Layer via Copy.


Go to the layer with the original background and open the filter menu. Select the Gaussian Blur filter and set the desired blur radius, watching the photo change in the preview window.


In order for the blur to be strong, set the radius to 60-70 pixels. You will see how the background becomes blurred, and the image of a person or any other object on the front planE will retain its clarity.


However, if the outlines of a person were complex,For example, you had to allocate a hairstyle with fluttering strands, the selection could turn out to be incorrect, and the photos can be noticeable bright boundaries between the blurred background and your character.


To smooth these areas, useLasso Tool and select all the brightest parts of the background. Then open the Image & gt-Adjustment & gt-HueSaturation menu and change the hue and saturation of the selected areas. Reduce the saturation of the fragments to -59.


Then use the option on the toolbarBlur (call it with the R key) and process the selected areas. Correct the Brightness / Contrast option in the Image menu, giving the photo a finished look.

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