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How to make an arch in the wall


How to make an arch in the wall</a>

In our time it's quite fashionable to have doorways in the house in the form of arches.

Some people ask for help from specialists. However, the arch can be really done by yourself.

You will not spend money and get satisfaction from your own creation.

You will need

  • Drywall, sharp shoe knife, scotch, electric jigsaw, tape measure, metal screws, bars, dowels, roller, primer, acrylic chalk putty



First you need to make visible parts. We are engaged in cutting the blank from the plasterboard in width. We take in hand a sharp shoe knife or just a piece of hacksaw blade and cut the cardboard, as well as 2-3 millimeters of the gypsum itself. Take this sheet and break it from the side opposite the slot. Such details need to be made two. Then you need to draw a bend line on the front side.


Both blanks are applied to each otherBack sides. To keep the sheets, you need to fasten them together with adhesive tape in several places. With a jigsaw, both blanks must be cut along the line. The surface of the cut is then processed to a smooth and even condition. Blanks are separated.


Using the tape measure the length of the bend. It is necessary to cut two lengths of the desired length from the guide profile. In the side shelves, you need to make slots with a step of 5 centimeters deep to the base of the profile. As a result, we will get a segment that, when bent, can be a broken line. This segment should be attached to the drywall workpiece on the back side. We break it in the shape of an arch. Fasten best with self-tapping screws for metal.


So, we have the front and back of the arch. Next you need to make a frame. In this there is nothing complicated. Take the bars and saw off them to the size of the doorway. When fastening the bars, you must accurately calculate the dimensions. The frame is fixed in the doorway with dowels. We attach and fasten the parts of the arch to the frame. As a result, we have Arch Without the bottom part. We measure the width.


We are engaged in manufacturing details from gypsum board. It should have a width and a length equal to the broken line. The part is pierced with the help of an awl along the entire area on both sides. It is necessary to pierce only the paper. We wet the part with a roller. Do this several times until the part begins to bend.


With the help of self-screws for metal we fix the partTo the protruding shelves of the profile, the ends of the drywall should be closed at the same time. Mounting should be done in steps of 5 centimeters. We are waiting for the part to dry up. We remove irregularities and the rest of the paper.


The surface of the arch must be primed. After the primer has dried, acrylic chalk filler fill in the irregularities. It remains only to clean the product and admire it.

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