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How to make the arch

Arch of GCR

How to make an arch made of plasterboard with their hands so that she looked no worse than the result of work of the expert?

We will try to explain in detail to the reader that it is necessary to perform such work.

You will need

  • Gopsokarton, needle roller, scissors for metal, screws 35, screwdriver, metal profile 60, the level of attachment for the profile, plastic dowel, stationery knife.



frame assembly. At this stage, you have to collect a frame made of metal profiles. This is done using the level of the metal profile and the screwdriver. Previously, the wall at the horizontal level fastened metal profile. For this it is necessary to drill holes in it, then, to fix the plastic profile by means of dowels and screws. Once the vertical frame has been assembled, we proceed to the registration of the design under the arch. Basis, to which will be attached after the drywall, will also serve as a metal profile. For the best bend in the profile have to make cuts to the face side? the larger the radius, the more you need to make incisions. After acquiring the profile of the desired shape, it is attached with screws to an already constructed frame.


Preparing the drywall. Initially, it is necessary to cut a strip of drywall, which will be superimposed on the profile bending. Measure the desired width using stationery knife cut the strip you need. In the same way divide it by the transverse part. After that, you need to put into the water drywall strip you plan to bend. In water, the material should hold 20-30 minutes.


Fixing plasterboard to the arch. After the water stayed in drywall desired period of time, it is necessary that a spiked roller. Without pressing, go roller 2-3 times over the entire length of the strip. Now it is possible to apply to the profile, and then, to shape the band to fasten it to the frame with screws.
Once the material is dry, you can handle it with putty and place under the right design for you.

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