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How to make an arch


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How to make an arch from gypsum cardboard with your own hands so that it looked no worse than the result of the work of a specialist?

We will try to explain in detail to the reader what is necessary to carry out such work.

You will need

  • Gopsokarton, needle roller, metal scissors, self-tapping screws for 35, screwdriver, metal profile for 60, level, profile fixings, plastic dowels, stationery knife.



Assembling the frame. At this stage, you will have to build a frame from the metal profile. This is done using a level, metal profile, as well as a screwdriver. Previously, a metal profile is attached to the wall along the horizontal level. To do this, drill holes in it, then fix the profile with plastic dowels and screws. After the vertical frame was assembled, we proceed to the design of the structure under the arch. The base, to which the plasterboard will then be attached, will also be a metal profile. For the best bend, do you need to cut the profile on the profile? The larger the radius, the more often you need to make incisions. After the profile acquires the desired shape, it is fastened with screws to the already constructed frame.


Preparation of drywall. Initially, it is necessary to cut off the strip of plasterboard, which will be superimposed on the bend of the profile. Having measured the necessary width, with the help of a clerical knife cut the strip you need. In the same way, divide it into transverse parts. After that, you need to put in the water of the drywall strip, which is planned to bend. In water, the material should be held for 20-30 minutes.


Fastening of plasterboard to the arch. After the gypsum board has been in the water for the right time, it must be treated with a needle roller. Do not press, roll by roller 2-3 times along the entire length of the strip. Now it can be applied to the profile, after which, giving the strip the desired shape, screw it with screws to the frame.
After the material dries, you can treat it with putty and decorate it for the design you need.

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