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How to make the appeal decision

How to make the appeal decision

Surely you happened a situation where public authorities (their units) to decide with whom you were categorically disagree.

For such cases, the law provides for the right to appeal decisions of the authorities and officials.



There are two orders of appeal decisions- Administrative and judicial. The administrative complaint against the decision served to a person who has issued it (if it is authorized to consider such complaints), or to a higher administrative body of the head. Administrative review does not deprive the right to go to court with the same question. The court procedure for appealing provides its consideration in the hearing and decision on her judgment.


Making a complaint to start filling itdetails ( "cap"). It specify the name of the body (where you are pointing her) own data (name, first name, address, phone number). If the complaint is submitted to the court below, write data on the respondent (the person whose decree you wish to appeal).


Then, in the middle of the line, write the word "complaint". Then navigate to the point. The text of the complaint in any form describe the essence of your discontent - by whom and when you adopted the contested decision, as you see a violation of your rights. Can you suggest a way out of the dispute.


Attach a copy of your complaint to the decree,that you believe to be illegal. If there are still any evidence proving the fallacy of the decision, and attach them to the document. If you can not get the evidence (for example, they are out of reach for you, but you are sure that they are there for sure), a petition for their vindication.


At the conclusion of its request for an appeal Expressabolition of unlawful decisions and restoring your rights. Personally sign it, put the current date. If the complaint is signed by a representative, it must be accompanied by power of attorney confirming his powers.

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