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How to make an appeal against a decision


How to make an appeal against a decision</a>

Surely you have had situations when the state authorities (their divisions) made decisions with which you were categorically disagree.

For such cases, the law provides for the right to appeal decisions of these bodies and officials.



There are two procedures for appealing against decisions- administrative and judicial. In administrative order, a complaint against the decision is submitted to the person who issued it (if it is authorized to consider such complaints) or to the superior head of the administrative body. Appeal in administrative order does not deprive the right to apply to the court with the same question. The judicial procedure for appealing provides for its consideration in a court session and the adoption of a judicial decision on it.


Compose a complaint by filling it inRequisites ("caps"). In it specify the name of the authority (where you send it), your personal data (name, first name, patronymic, address of residence, telephone). If the complaint is filed with the court, write below the information about the defendant (the person whose decision you wish to appeal).


Then in the middle of the line write the word "Complaint". Then go to the heart of the matter. In the text of the complaint in an arbitrary form, describe the essence of your discontent - by whom and when the decision you complained about was made, in what you see a violation of your rights. You can offer your own way out of the controversial situation.


Attach to your complaint a copy of the order,Which you consider illegal. If there is still any evidence confirming the fallacy of the decision, also attach them to the document. If it is impossible to obtain evidence (for example, they are in a place inaccessible to you, but you are sure that they are there for sure), intercede for their reclamation.


At the conclusion of your complaint,The abolition of an unlawful decision and the restoration of your rights. Sign it in person, put the current date. If the complaint is signed by a representative, a power of attorney must be attached to it, confirming its authority.

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