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How to make antenna

How to make antenna

Most often used by drivers universal whip antenna, which reproduces the sound waves in a machine with a 50 Hz frequency.

At this frequency the radio broadcast majorRussia, which is why the antenna is very popular among drivers. Recently, quite often on different car models can be seen with a standard universal receiver overlooking whip antennas.

But it is quite expensive and is not always sold.

So what are some of the artists are coming up with their own kinds of whip antennas, and made their own.

You will need

  • - Metal studs or steel cords.



Whip antenna itself should consist of a directmetal pins or flexible steel cords, which at the upper end should be located a small copper coil. The other end it must be attached to the outside of the car body. The total length of the entire antenna usually not more than 1 meter, as when driving it may simply detached from the housing.


In addition, the antenna must satisfy allrules of sound receivers and connect the cab with the radio audio system. In manufacturing you need to take a metal rod and welded to it a small piece of metal, which then will be attached to the vehicle body.


Then you need to install on the upper end of the pinAntenna small cap, which will be the main receiver of the signal from the radio stations. To him we are taking a set of wires from the carburettor through the interior trim and fixed to the end. After that, you must include the column and check whether your antenna catches frequency. If there is no sound, you need to re-check the wiring connections and make sure they are completely isolated.


In the manufacture of conventional whip antenna youspend a minimum of time and money, and get a universal receiver to listen to radio stations. Of course, such a foreign wave receiver will not catch, but the sound quality of local radio stations will be at a high level.

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