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How to make a poem analysis

Before starting the test, try to feel the lyrical mood of the poem

Despite the fact that the poem analysisbased on clear rules and requirements, it is not an easy work to which the student is at the same time and should express his personal otnoshenie.Potomu so you must feel the lyrical mood of the poem, to try to get closer to the poetic state in which data is written line. To do this, use the method? Slow reading? - Slowly move from the beginning to the end of the poem, stopping at each line.

Usually, a separate line? this is a separate image grain of the overall design, so it is important not to miss anything.



Make a short introduction to the topic? I read a poem ?. Tell us what the first thoughts and feelings it has caused you.


Give biographical reference works: the date and details of the history of the connection with the events of life of the author, who dedicated the poem, as well as its possible prototypes and destinations.


Identify the genre of the poem.



- Theme-leading

- The basic idea and its Development-

- What are the emotional tone of the poem and how to peredachi-

- Personal or public enthusiasm is leading in the poem.


Give the characteristic features of the composition.


If features of poetic forms will help to reveal the imagery and the idea of ​​the poem, describe:

- The size and features of ritmiki-

- Particular types rifmovki- strofy-

- Artistic techniques and stylistic figures (metaphors, epithets, similes, personifications, hyperbole, metonymy, litotes) -

- Sound techniques (zvukopis).


Locate the main images of the poem, give them their own interpretation, identify their characteristics and importance.


The most interesting ? lyrical image. Open it, compare with the author of the poem.


Finally, tell us what this placethe poem is in the author's work. What was the reaction of the public as a literary work it took the audience, which was followed by the development in the works of the poet, after consideration of the poem you.


In addition you can also tell us about what took place this poem in your life. Express a personal attitude on the basis of the work done.

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