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How do poems analysis

Analysis of the poem - a compulsory item in the curriculum

Analysis of the poems is a mandatory part of the school curriculum.

In addition, this practice helps to develop analytical skills.

You will need

  • - paper-
  • - a pen



Read the poem from beginning to end. If any of the points relating to its general content remains unclear, it is recommended to repeat the reading of a literary work. If you're familiar with the biography of the author, it will be able to relate the date of writing poems with a particular period in the life of the poet. For in-depth analysis of art just need to understand how the writing of this work is related to life events of its author.


Highlight the main theme of the poem. This could be love, nature, friendship, philosophy, life in society. It is important to understand which raises questions in his work, the author, as called for by the reader. Be careful on this point. It happens that the student does not capture the overall context of the poem takes the wrong decision with respect to the main idea of ​​the work and the result is a false path.


Identify the main story line of the product. Dismantle what is happening at the beginning of the poem than it ends. In the poem, it is difficult to see developments. If the work is rather descriptive, simply follow the author's eyes.


Highlight all of the characters of the literaryworks. Among them, it is necessary to determine the main character. Write down the main qualities that gave him a poet. Do not forget that in verse hero often appears the author himself.


Find all the literary and poetic techniques,which are used in his work of the poet. Determine what kind of epithets, that is, the description of items taken by the author. Find comparisons, metaphors and personifications.


Determine the size of the poem. This may be monosyllabic size - brahikolon - or a type of two-syllable sizes: pentameter, when the emphasis is on the last syllable in the foot, and ferrets with the accent on the first syllable. Ternary meters divided into dactyl, and amphibrach anapaest. Dactyl is determined by the accent on the first syllable, amphibrach - on the second and anapaest, respectively, assumes the accent on the third, the last syllable.


Highlight stylistic figures thatthe poet uses. It can be repetitive, rhetorical questions, treatment. Such techniques the author uses to put the focus on a particular part of the verse, draw the reader's attention to some object.


Describe your own experience of reading a poem. Describe the feelings aroused product as affect your mood, what you thought conveyed to the poet.

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