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How to draw up an act


How to draw up an act</a>

One of the main documents that are used in any field of activity is an act. It serves to confirm certain events or facts and is certified by several persons.

How to draw up an act correctly?



Organize a commission that will participate in the drafting of the act. The commission must be at least two people.


Reflect in the act the actual state of affairs orUse the rough records that were made at the place of verification. These records should contain factual information, quantitative indicators and analytical data.


Use specially designed forms to draw up the act.


Write the name of the organization that makes up this document.


Provide the date of writing the act and its registration number. If the actions took place within a few days, note this.


Specify the location of the document and select the title, in which the word "act" is necessarily first, and then the purpose of its compilation. For example, the "Transfer of Values ​​Act."


Note the type of document on the basis of which this work is being conducted, its number and date of compilation.


Write the surnames, names, patronymics and positionsThe chairman of the commission composing the document, and its members. Outline in detail the main methods of the act, the nature, nature and terms of work, which was done.


Describe the facts that were identified during theEvent. To reflect this information, you can use tables or expound on the items. Reflect the conclusions and proposals made on the basis of the work done, which can be used to improve the actual actual situation.


Specify the number of copies of the compiledAct, which depends on the number of interested parties in it or on the developed standards. Mark the availability of applications to the document, if any. Give the act to all members of the commission (with the decryption of the signature).


Confirm the completed document with the head of the company.

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