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One of the main documents to be used in any field of activity is the act. It serves to confirm some events or facts and certified by several persons.

How correctly to make an act?



Establish a commission that will take part in the drafting of the act. The Commission must have at least two people.


Reflect in the act of the actual state of affairs orUse the draft notes that were made on the spot checks. These records must be factual information, quantitative and analytical data.


Use for making the act specifically designed forms.


Write the name of the organization that is the document.


Put down the date of the act of writing and its registration number. If actions took place within a few days, check it.


Specify the location of the document and pick up the title, which will be the first to be sure the word "act", and then - the purpose of its preparation. For example, the "Act on the transfer of values."


Select the type of document on the basis of which carried out this work, its number and date of preparation.


Write name, surname, patronymic and positionChairman of the Commission, part of the document, and its members. Set out in detail in the main part of the methods of the act, the nature, timing and nature of the work that has been done.


Describe the facts that have been identified duringevent. You can use a table or present it on items to reflect this information. Reflect made on the basis of the work conclusions and suggestions, which can be used to improve the existing factual situation.


Specify the number of copies of the compiledAct, which depends on the number of its stakeholders or on the developed standards. Note the presence of the annexes to the document, if any. Give sign the act of all the members of the commission (with full name).


Validate the document drawn up at the head of the company.

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