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How to make the abstract school

How to register in the school essay

Schooling involves variousways of securing and checking the studied material, including tests, oral answers, practical exercises, laboratory work, as well as an integral part of school education are abstracts.

Essay is a written statement of a material on a particular issue with the use of several sources of literature.

To correctly register it, you must know the basic rules of design works, established by the Ministry of Education.



Title page. Top necessarily indicate a higher education organization and the name of your school.

How to register in the school essay


In the middle of the page should be written word?ESSAY? and below its theme. Below right is written the name and initials of the student who performed the work, and teachers, test it, and at the bottom in the middle - the name of your city and the current year.


The text of the abstract. The most important - is the observance of pages field sizes (left 35 mm, right - 10 mm, top and bottom - 20 mm), spacing (bastard) and font (Times New Roman, size 14). Do not start new paragraphs on a new page, it is better that they go one after the other without interruption.


Also, do not give out the names of sections in capital letters, as they should be written in the usual way. At the end of the title never put a period.


Semantic parts and conclusions. It is necessary to highlight the major concepts in bold, italic, or underlined for easy perception of most text. The conclusions drawn at the end of each paragraph summarizing paragraph, which should begin with the words:???? So .. In summary ... ?, That is, we can say that ... ?, In summary, it should be noted that ...? ,? So, we came to the conclusion that ... ?.

How to register in the school essay

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