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How to write an abstract

How to write an abstract

We know that every student or student met with the problem: how to establish the abstract?

Abstract ? a written report or presentation on a specific topic, which provides and summarizes information from multiple sources. At the moment there are two main approaches when creating the essay? classic and innovative, the only difference is that the sources from which the information is used.

For the classical method? it supports a variety of paper, and for innovation - information is taken electronically. The benefits of using information taken from electronic sources are obvious: work with it easier and more convenient.

So how do you create an abstract?



The main stages of work on the essay are:
1. Choosing a theme. Subjects of the summary in most cases determined by the teacher. But before you start to work, choose and discuss with the head, what problem would you like to study in depth.
2. Selection and review of the literature on a selected topic (should be at least 8-10 different sources).

The sources can be articles, brochures, monographs, periodicals and materials, etc.
3. Processing and systematization of information. At this stage, the plan outlines the main part of the essay. Each studied the problem of paying their chapter, chapter should be divided into paragraphs.
4. Writing the essay.


The structure of the essay:
? Title page.

? Content. It consistently provides chapters and paragraphs of the abstract with the designation of page numbers.

? Introduction. Here you formulate the essence of the research problem, its urgency, specify goals and objectives, and gives an overview of literature.

? Main part. It is dedicated to working directly with the disclosure of the topic. If you meet at work so that there is no consensus on the issue being studied, there is a need to bring the most interesting points of view of different authors and give their assessment. Each chapter with a description of a specific problem, there must be a logical continuation of the previous one. The end of each section should be completed by a brief conclusion.

? The conclusion must be clear and concise. It provides a final conclusion on the abstract, but also indicates to what extent and how effectively complete the task.

? Bibliography ? This is a list of used a variety of sources, with their complete bibliographic data.

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