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How to make the 7-year-old child to obey

In seven years the child has its interests

Seven years - an important stage in a child's life.

Preschool childhood ends, ahead of - school, new rights and responsibilities, new friends and hobbies.

Mom and Dad are still important people in his life, but their opinions are gradually cease to be the only right one for your child.

Parents often do not notice this.

And whether you want to make?

It has long been proven that the strong-arm methods in pedagogyineffective, even if it is not about the physical punishment and the psychological pressure. Younger preschoolers may still accept the fact that he was forced to do something against his will. Parents have enough strength to break his resistance. If this is a forced measure and is rarely used (for example, only in cases where the child needs to be treated or removed from the danger of fast), nothing terrible will happen. Constant pressure is lead to the fact that the charming kid turn into a broken life, completely devoid of initiative being.
Possible and the opposite option -formed a strong personality, able to survive in all situations, but the parents do not play any role of her life. In seven years the child is already quite strong enough to resist the constant pressure on the part of adults. Disobedience - one of the forms of such resistance, the most prominent and active.

Avoiding disobedience

The child resists, the parents toowatch over it, do not give to show independence. Senior preschooler has a lot can. Determine the range of his regular duties. Perhaps he is already walking in a circle, a sports school or studio of aesthetic education. Your task - to ensure the conditions for him to work and send in time for lessons and training. For the domestic task he should have to answer himself. Control, of course, necessary, but do it quietly.
In addition to training, the child should be homeduties. Clean the cage with a canary, water the plants, vacuum the carpet in my room, put in order your flower bed at the cottage - the list is far from exhaustive. The child must feel that he is a big, that it under force things that are important to others. It may be that older preschoolers something forget to make. We must not make it, and recalled that its omission from other affected: canary would die, the flowers wither, but the carpet is better not to walk barefoot.

The child, too, is the mood

Almost every person there are moments whenit all goes wrong. Such moments happen in children. Parents are important to understand. Perhaps the child fell out with your best friend or a teacher may have lost a favorite toy or book sgryzla best dog. You his troubles may seem trifling, but these disorders are very serious for the preschool or primary school children. Talk about it, sympathize, advise on how to behave, because your opinion for it is still very important.

Learn to negotiate

In families where between adults and childrena trusting relationship with obedience problems usually does not happen. The child simply does not occur that it is possible to do something contrary to, because all the issues discussed with him on an equal footing with its considered opinion, parents ask him for advice. It is important to respect the agreement and to fulfill the promises. The seven-year child and remembers well what he promised, and that he promised. Deceived in their expectations, he ceases to perceive the words of an adult and is doing everything in defiance.

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