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How to make a 7-year-old child obey

A seven-year-old has its own interests</a>

Seven years is an important stage in the life of the child.

Preschool childhood ends, ahead - the school, new rights and responsibilities, new friends and hobbies.

Mom and Dad are still the main people in his life, but their opinion gradually ceases to be the only true for the child.

Sometimes the parents just do not notice it.

And whether it is necessary to force?

It has long been proven that the use of force in pedagogyIneffective, even if it's not about physical punishment, but about psychological pressure. The younger preschool child can still accept the fact that he is forced to do something against his will. The parents have enough strength to break his resistance. If this is a compulsory measure and is rarely used (for example, only in cases where the child needs to be treated or quickly removed from danger), nothing terrible will happen. Constant pressure will lead to the fact that the charming kid will turn into a broken life, completely devoid of initiative.
The opposite option is also possible -Will form a strong personality, able to withstand in any life situations, but parents will not play in her life no role. A seven-year-old has enough strength to resist constant pressure from adults. Disobedience is one of the forms of such resistance, the most vivid and active.

How to avoid disobedience

The child resists when parents are overlyThey take care of him, they do not allow him to show independence. The senior preschooler already can do much. Define the range of his responsibilities. Perhaps he is already in a circle, a sports school or a studio for aesthetic education. Your task is to provide him with the conditions for classes and send them on time for lessons and training. For homework, he must already answer for himself. Of course, you need to control, but do it discreetly.
In addition to teaching, the child must haveduties. Clean the cage with a canary, water the flowers, vacuum the carpet in your room, tidy up your flower bed in the country - the list is far from complete. The child must feel that he is already big, that he has the power to do things that are important to others. It may happen that the senior preschooler will forget something. It is necessary not to force him, but to remind him that others have suffered from his inaction: the canary can die, the flowers wither, and on the carpet it will be better not to walk barefoot.

The child also has a mood

Almost every person has minutes whenIt all falls from his hands. Such moments are also in children. It is important for parents to understand this. Maybe the child quarreled with a best friend or teacher, maybe lost a favorite toy or a better book was eaten by a dog. You his troubles may seem trivial, but for a preschooler or a junior schoolboy such turmoil is very serious. Talk about it, sympathize, advise how to behave, because for him your opinion is still very important.

Learn to negotiate

In families where between adults and childrenEstablished a trusting relationship, problems with obedience usually does not happen. The child simply does not come to mind that something can be done in defiance, because all the issues with him are discussed on an equal footing, his opinion is considered, the parents ask him for advice. It is important to respect agreements and fulfill promises. The seven-year-old child perfectly remembers both what he promised and what he promised him. Deceived in his expectations, he ceases to perceive the words of an adult and does everything in defiance.

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