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How to make sweet and air anemones

How to make sweet and air anemones

Very gentle and air anemones can be used for composition or as a decoration in the production of gift wrapping.

You will need

  • - Klein
  • - Quilling lanes (2 and 10 mm) -
  • - Dense kalka-



Draw the outline of the petals on plain paper, put it on top of tracing paper, to fix the staple sheets.


Make a loop quilling: first on the petal outline, then fill in the middle of the arbitrarily. To obtain different colors you need to step back a little from the circuit.


After drying (about 30 minutes) in small scissors cut along the contour of the petals. At a flower petals 6 is necessary.


Collect on a shallow crater with a diameter of 1.5 cm, first the first row of the flower, composed of three petals.


Then glue the second row.


The middle of a flower made of white stripesColor length - 16 cm and a width - 1 cm, which is glued to the edge of 2 mm strip of blue. Cut fringe by the blue bar. Then glue the bottom of the blue strip of 4 mm in width and twist tight roll. Fringe spread and paste in the center of the flower.


Smoked tracing dry pastel (you can use a colored tracing paper), to make the paper and attach to the flower.

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